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How to Improve Performance of React Native Application?

by Hire React Native Developers

The popular React Native is a JavaScript framework for writing authentic, innately exhibiting mobile applications for both Android and iOS. It’s ordinarily based on React, Facebook’s JavaScript library for creating different user interfaces, but rather than targeting the browser, it directly picks out mobile platforms. By way of explanation, React Native App Development companies nowadays propose to Hire Dedicated React Native Mobile App Developers that can write different mobile applications that look and perceive truly native. React Native App Development Services provides companies perform it from the solace of a JavaScript library that developers already have knowledge of and love to use. Additionally, most of the code written can be shared between various platforms, React Native App Development Companies makes it way handier to concurrently develop applications for both Android and iOS.

Alike React, React Native applications are also written using a concoction of JavaScript as well as XML-Esque markup, referred to as JSX. Subsequently, under the setup, the React Native cross-over adjures the native rendering APIs in Objective like using C for iOS and Java for Android. Accordingly, your application will effectively render utilizing real mobile UI components, and not web-views. It will make them look and feel like any other mobile application. At the present moment, the companies offering React Native App Development Services are keen to Hire React Native Developers skilled in unveiling the JavaScript interfaces for platform APIs. It will help React Native apps directly access platform features and functionalities like the user’s current location, or the phone’s camera. React Native presently supports both iOS and Android, which leads to React Native App Development Services having better potential to expand its wings to future platforms as well. React native app development companies across the globe are focusing on Hire Dedicated React Native Mobile App Developers to help them in the efficient creation of production-ready mobile applications.

React Native App Development Services propounds an optimistic solution for the clients looking out for a feasible framework on which to design and develop cross-platform applications. For this fact, some of the world’s largest organizations are making the switch to React Native and proposing to Hire React Native Developers. To reach the absolute accomplishment potential of your React Native app after everything, optimization is a significant step. Let’s take a look at some of the foremost practices for improving the overall performance of a React Native application and making the app work twice as fast and way more efficiently.

Cache the images locally

Cache the images locally-

Reactive Native issues an image as a core component that enables developers to exhibit images. Nevertheless, there are a few problems with this image component. To solve these problems, you can cache the image and take the help of the local cache in the successive application. However, React Native presently supports incorporated caching only in iOS and not in Android. These performance issues can efficiently be bent-on acquiring a third-party library called react-native-image. The fast image enables consumers to proffer images rapidly using a cache implementation. Additionally, it also appends authorization headers and several other advanced features.

Withdraw all console statements

Withdraw all console statements

Console statements are obligatory for red-penciling JavaScript codes, yet they are only meant for development motives alone. These statements could cause some serious consequential performance issues in your React Native application if they are not detached before bundling. While you can set up several plug-ins such as babel-plug-in-transform-remove-console to abolish these statements from production.

Remove needless libraries & features

Remove needless libraries & features-

Each library in a React Native application imparts some impression on the application. It is the reason why you should only add the libraries and functionalities you require in your app and withdraw all the trivial dependencies and libraries. Different animations, navigations, tabs, and other functions can hand out to the screen load time and so the more overstuffed your screen is, the worse it will perform.

Utilize useMemo

Utilize useMemo

You can acquire useMemo hooks to steer clear of re-rendering, and it helps to avoid re-rendering of minor components by remitting memorized values of a function. If by chance any component acquires the same props more than once, useMemo, thereby, will take help of formerly cached props and render the JSX view and directly return the component. Hence, useMemo majorly helps to enhance the performance of RN applications. To be noted, it should be taken into consideration only when performing expensive computations, as we can memorize the calculations to recalculate the outcomes if only the values are in variation.

Optimization of code

Optimization of code-

Good coding exercises and approaches can aid in making your applications one step ahead. Consequently, for better practice, you should prevent unessential render calls and unspecified functions. These numerous render calls can lead to serious performance issues. You can also use PureComponent to operate them without handling them manually. This component does not alter props or the state inside the component, averting multiple render calls.

Summing up:

Several factors influence the performance of a React Native app, such as having large images, heavy calculations, and inessential render calls. On the bright side, one should avoid some common performance issues by ensuing best approaches and using tools considered and suggested in this article. If you want to design and develop high-performance apps, React Native App Development Services can help. You can visit our site Hire React Native Developers for further information and implement your React Native app in no time.

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