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A Guide on the Best Localization Testing Services in USA

by Appsierra
Best Localization Testing Services

When building a product or offering overseas, you need to consider best localization testing services. Localization is the process of adapting a product or service to suit the needs and culture of a particular region or country. This can mean adjusting the text on your website to match the local language or translating your content into a new language. If you don’t think about localization, your product may not be accessible to your target audience. 

Locating an appropriate localization test service can be daunting for companies just starting to consider their options. There are thousands of testing companies, many of which offer low prices but will leave your site in worse shape than before the test. If you are looking for a localization services provider that offers high-quality testing services at a reasonable price, you have come to the right place.   

Here, we’ll be discussing the best provider of localization testing services in the USA, i.e., AppSierra – a complete suite of software testing services for all your products.  

Why Choose AppSierra? 

Localization testing provides a way for companies to identify and fix errors in their translations and other internationalization before their products are shipped to customers. Because these services primarily focus on translating text and other digital content elements, they have become increasingly important for companies in all industries, from small startups to multinational corporations.

However, because localization testing is still relatively new, few companies specialize in this field. This has left companies without many options for finding the best localization testing services in the USA. 

With AppSierra’s 15+ years of industry experience and over 1015+ test automation suites, AppSierra is a leading provider of the best localization testing services in the USA. The team assesses your software’s linguistic and cultural suitability and helps correct errors and inaccuracies.  Appsierra provides various types of software testing services for all types of software, deployed in any environment, all over the world.

Localization testing is a software testing technique in which the behaviour of a software program is tested for a selected area or culture.

But wait, why do you need a localization testing service in the first place? Let’s explore some of the benefits of working with the best localization testing company: 

Benefits of Localization Testing with AppSierra 

1. Accurate Delivery 

When you partner with a localization testing company, you can be assured that the text on your website and your app’s content are delivered in the most appropriate language for your target audience. This not only improves the experience for your customers but also helps you rank higher in search results.  

AppSierra’s localization testing services will also help you build a deeper relationship with your customers, as they’ll be able to interact with your software in their native language. This will increase conversion and increase overall Return on Investment (ROI). 

2. Security 

Translating your content and text is one thing, but ensuring that your content is secure is another. With AppSierra’s localization testing services, you can rest assured that your software is delivered in a safe environment.  

AppSierra will also help you build a secure site, ensuring that your website’s content is provided in a secure backdrop. This will help you create a more substantial brand reputation, which will in turn, increase your ROI. 

3. Broad Market Coverage 

Besides the security coverage and accurate delivery of reports, AppSierra’s localization testing services also help you reach a massive market. AppSierra’s multilingual support will be able to help you communicate with your customers in their native language and build a stronger relationship with them.

Have a look at the vast array of localization services covered by AppSierra: 

Localization Testing Services by AppSierra 

1. Compliance Checks 

When Appsierra verifies that your response complies with regional grammar, spelling, and formatting requirements, the following are properly displayed: 

  • Letter and punctuation symbols. 
  • The writing’s direction. 
  • Formatting: Numbers, dates, and timing. 
  • Measurement unit. 
  • Addresses and phone numbers.

2. Testing Localized GUIs

The AppSierra team of specialists considers whether the localized content is compatible with the solution’s GUI and does not compromise the layout integrity by paying attention to:

  • Typesetting alignment 
  • Truncation of numbers 
  • Character spacing for accents 
  • Hyphenation 
  • Collation of texts 
  • Capitalization 
  • Links and picture captions

3. Functional Evaluation

Experts investigate the following content-related functions to look for localization-related issues with the system’s operation: 

  • Text entry 
  • Enter text in the appropriate format. 
  • Hotkeys 
  • Hyperlinks 
  • Alphabetical and numerical ordering 

Not only this, AppSierra‘s localization specialists deploy these services on android, iOS, and desktop applications. With the right set of tools and services, you can ensure that your application is ready for global use in no time: 

Platform Capability 

1. Websites 

AppSierra tests the effects of localization on your brand’s performance while optimizing website UX/UI and mobile adaptability for geographic targeting. 

2. Mobile Devices 

The localized information in your Android, iOS, or hybrid app is examined by experts who also look at the navigation, menu, and UX/UI of the app, as well as how it displays on various displays. 

3. Desktop Software 

By fixing any localization-related bugs and carefully examining each component involved in input control, navigation, and information. Appsierra makes sure that your app’s user experience is consistent. 

With such a strong command over the localization process, your business has the potential to expand to new markets and gain a competitive edge through AppSierra’s expertise in software testing.  

The AppSierra team is ready to take your localization goals to another level. They are equipped with the right set of localization tools and services to help your business succeed in the global market by building a robust localization strategy that can meet your business goals. 

AppSierra’s powerful tools and years of experience are just a click away. Visit AppSierra today and find out how localization testing services can be customized to meet the unique needs of your business. 


When it comes to localization testing services, security and reliability are the two most important aspects that need to be considered to make a successful localization project. AppSierra has the experience and expertise to ensure that your localization project is a success. A click of a button is all that it takes to get your localization project started. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1) What Factors Should be Considered when Performing Localization Testing? 

In its simplest form, localization testing ensures that software is appropriate for a given location or region and behaves appropriately in that location. A single city or an entire nation could be the subject here. The procedure evaluates the behavior of the program under various conditions. 

Q2) Can Testing for Localization be Automated? 

Manual testing is the norm for localization. The text must be read, the layout must be examined, and localization must be confirmed, all of which must be done manually by a human. Automation still enters the picture in some situations, though.  

With automation, you can run the program under varying conditions, and the results can be analyzed to determine whether the program is appropriately localized. 

Q3) What is Automation in Localization? 

Your team can focus on creative tasks rather than tracking down emails or paging through numerous revisions of the same document to find the most recent one with localization automation. Your staff can spend more time on tasks that are challenging to automate, like subtleties and regional differences. 

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