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How to take care of a garden sofa?

by Max Richardson

A garden sofa used intensively from early spring to late summer is heavily exposed not only to damage from use but also to the adverse effects of the weather. How to care for it properly so that it retains a beautiful appearance for many years? How to store it in the off-season? Learn practical tips for caring for a garden sofa.

The first rule of using garden furniture is to choose the right one. What does that mean? It’s very simple, any fabric sofa will fall into disrepair after spending the summer season outside. The rains, the weather changes, and insects will do their job. Poet need to be responsible for the choice of garden furniture.

If you want to put upholstered sofa or chairs outdoors, they should be made of appropriate waterproof material: tarpaulin, cloak, rubberized cottons, better buy a cape or furniture covers, which will be used in warm summer days, and at night to remove into the house.

How to take care of a garden sofa

The Garden sofa is beautiful and well-maintained – enjoy a comfortable relaxation zone in the garden

Are you planning to buy a garden sofa in the near future? Or maybe you have already found the perfect model and want to learn a little more about the care of such furniture? Regardless of which of these questions you answered in the affirmative, you’ve come to the right address! Since you have looked here, you are surely aware that it is not enough to arrange a sofa in the garden to enjoy its comfort and beautiful appearance for many years. Garden furniture exposed to direct weathering and used with great frequency during the summer season will not only get dirty but also suffer damage and mechanical damage.

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Sun, wind, and rain contribute a lot to the deterioration of leisure furniture. How to protect them from this? The best is by taking care of them and caring for them properly, including in the off-season. Buying a garden sofa is a considerable expense, and not many people can afford to replace it every 1-2 years due to the fact that it has suffered some damage, faded, and lost some of its attractiveness. Maybe that’s even a good thing because such an approach has little to do with the ecological attitudes that are increasingly permeating our daily lives. Far from applying such solutions? Check out how to take care of your garden sofa in a practical way.

How to take care of a garden sofa-2

Wooden, metal, and technorati garden sofas: check how to care for them

Effective care of garden furniture, such as a garden sofa, for example, is not easy, but properly prepared and armed with practical knowledge, you can handle this task on your own. The way you should take care of your garden sofa will largely be determined by the type of material from which it is constructed. Wood has completely different properties than technorati or metal, and therefore behaves differently when exposed to water, wind, and hot sun. To begin with, as a brief recap, let’s remind ourselves what characterizes each of these materials.

Wooden sofa

It is very durable and sturdy, but at the same time requires the greatest care of all garden furniture. As a natural material, wood is highly reactive to external factors, so you should provide it with effective protection in the form of a cover and avoid exposing it to the sun. It is also worth using waterproofing and other preparations to protect it from moisture, and at the same time remember not to place the wooden sofa directly on the ground. Then it will begin to draw water from the ground and soak it up, and from there it’s a straight path to mold, fungi, and bacteria.

Technorati sofa

Sofas made of technorati have a reputation for being very resilient and durable, plus they are extremely beautiful and decorative. They also certainly don’t need as much maintenance as wooden sofas. Technorati is nothing more than a synthetic equivalent (polyethylene) of natural rattan, which is an exotic material with a fine structure, very similar to wicker. Such furniture is lightweight, flexible, and easy to clean, and storing it in the off-season does not cause any major problems. They can be washed with water alone or water with liquid or another detergent.

Metal sofa

Metal garden sofas at first glance may seem cool, but in fact, they are not so. Such lounge furniture has quite a number of fans due to its practical qualities and minimalist character. In general, it is enough to occasionally refresh the paint they are covered with and wipe them with a brush to keep them looking nice. Similar to them, aluminum sofas, which have recently been gaining popularity, can be washed with lukewarm water. Sofas made of this material perform well in the cold and do well in hot weather.

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We suggest how to take care of your garden sofa in 5 steps!

Care adapted to the material

This is the most important thing you need to remember before you start caring for your own garden sofa. Poorly chosen cleaning products can not only damage such a piece of furniture, but also make it change its appearance to the detriment, and in the worst case, make it unusable. If you want to avoid such a scenario, for starters, get an idea of the types of materials used to make garden furniture and learn as much as possible about their care.


This applies especially to garden sofas made of wood, which are protected from the negative effects of the outside world with the help of impregnating preparations. Various protective agents are applied to wood: waxes, oils, stains, varnishes, and paints to protect against low temperatures and moisture penetration, among other things. Are you planning to buy a wooden garden sofa? Such furniture should be taken care of regularly and oiled about 2-3 times during the season.

Sofa washing and cleaning

Any garden furniture needs maintenance and cleaning, regardless of the material it is made of. Dirt does not benefit the aesthetics of the sofa, so you must be mindful of the need to wash it from time to time, especially during the spring and summer seasons. When choosing such furniture for the garden, on the other hand, remember that caring for furniture made of plastic is generally much easier and less labor-intensive than caring for furniture made of wood, wicker, or rattan.

Protection from sun, wind, and humidity

Constant exposure to the sun is not conducive to the good condition of garden furniture. Likewise, wind, low temperatures, and excessive contact with moisture can end up with the need to replace the seats. Wooden sofas, like other sofas made of natural materials, should be permanently sheltered by a canopy, gazebo, or umbrella. Especially furniture made of plastic and plastic, which are relatively lightweight, reacts badly to windy weather.

Proper storage in the off-season

Many people still underestimate this issue, and this is a huge mistake. How a garden sofa is stored in the off-season has a huge impact on its durability and lifespan. Metal and aluminum furniture, as well as technorati, are resistant to moisture and frost, so they can stand outside all year, but wooden ones no longer have such resistance. These should be moved to a dry and unheated room, where the temperature does not fall below 0°C.

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