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YouTube Music Promotion Strategies [Proven and Real]

by Emma jolly
YouTube music promotion

The music industry is constantly evolving, which is especially true in this digital age. Not long ago, major record labels would sign musicians and then handle their music marketing tactics and overall digital marketing efforts.

However, this is no longer the case. The rise of independent YouTube music promotion is reflected in the expanding number of independent musicians.

Independent musicians are a rapidly expanding section of the music industry. An excellent marketing strategy is required to become one and get noticed. Everything from generating songs and crafting a music video to your album launch and YouTube music promotion strategies must be planned.
Keep in mind that the world of digital music marketing is always changing. It is critical to maintain your finger on the pulse of current marketing trends.

With that out of the way, let’s look at these 5 music marketing tactics. They will assist you in promoting your music and delivering results on a tight budget.

How Do You Begin?
5 Music Promotional Strategies

How Do You Begin?
Music is your product, and your purpose as a creator is to sell it. Of course, there’s no harm in hope that huge record labels will discover you and help you get your music to the top one day. After all, Ed Sheeran experienced the same fate. He was busking on the streets of Los Angeles, attempting to get into as many open mics as he could until he was spotted by Jamie Foxx. His net worth is now $64 million.

However, banking solely on that probability would be, at best, foolish. The music industry is tremendously competitive and saturated nowadays. With the rise of social platforms and opportunities for exposure, an increasing number of artists and musicians are attempting to get out there and share their work with the world.

To get noticed in the industry, you must develop a marketing plan — a report that outlines your music marketing approach over time. This may appear to be a little intimidating if you are new to the world of marketing. However, once you get started, you’ll rapidly learn what to do and how to do it quickly.

Here’s how to get started:

Define Your Target Market
Your audience is the group of people who might like your music – your music fans. Depending on the genre of music you’re making, you’ll need to identify a certain target audience.

Examine the Market
The market in this example is the music industry. Determine your “competitors” and how you vary from them. This will be your one-of-a-kind selling point. Studying the market will also be useful while developing your music marketing strategy.

Determine your long-term and short-term objectives.
Do you intend to release new songs, music videos, or an album by a specific deadline? Create an action plan to ensure that you are ready for your new releases. Specify your short-term and long-term music and tour goals.

Plan Your Marketing Strategies
Once you’ve determined your objectives, you must choose marketing methods to help you achieve them. Explore the 5 effective music marketing tactics listed below and choose the ones that will help you take your music marketing to the next level.

Create a Music Promotion Budget
Following the development of your marketing tactics, you must establish your marketing budget. How much money are you willing to invest in music promotion?

Before beginning the promotion, try to fulfil these important action steps one by one. You cannot properly advertise your music until you develop a marketing strategy.

5 Music Promotional Strategies
Here are 5 efficient marketing methods that have been used effectively by numerous renowned musicians and are still effective today. Let’s start looking for them!

1.Make a Website for Music

Although social media and streaming services may lead you to believe that you don’t need a website, don’t fall for it. Your website is an essential component of your artist brand. It’s your online portfolio, where you may showcase and sell your albums, display event dates, communicate with your audience, and simply tell your story.

Consider a one-page website since it is more effective at focusing the audience’s attention on one thing, in this example, your music. Make your website navigation clear and intuitive so that users do not have to navigate around to obtain the information they require.

Once your website is complete, you may actively promote it to your target audience and potential fans.

2.Make Your Music Available on Digital Platforms

It is now easier to contact your target audience thanks to the advancement of digital technologies. Music streaming services are a good example. Tidal, Apple Music, SoundCloud, Spotify, Deezer, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music Unlimited are among the most popular.

These services simplify the process of uploading albums, sharing songs, and connecting with listeners.

Choose your platform carefully. First, consider your target audience, which you should have already established in your marketing plan. Which platforms do they employ?

Soundcloud, for example, is ideal for electronic music and remixes. So, if you make music in this genre, make sure to upload it to Soundcloud.

Don’t confine yourself to a single platform. The more platforms you use, the more exposure you’ll receive. However, if you understand how to get noticed on those networks.

By identifying independent or unauthorised Spotify curators, you can have your songs published on various playlists on Spotify. Alternatively, if you want to be on Apple Music, you must first find an aggregator or a music distributor.

Investigate the capabilities and features of each platform, as well as the differences between them, and then share your music if you are satisfied.

3.Use Social Media to Promote Your Music

With 49% of the world’s population on social networks, it seems superfluous to state that one of the most prominent music marketing tactics is to use social media. It can help you promote your music to new fans, increase fan engagement, and perhaps make your next single go viral!

But how can you make a social media viral video? People enjoy reading and sharing inspiring and entertaining information. They prefer video content, which is fortunate in your case. A well-made video featuring your track can garner a lot of attention from viewers.

Social media platforms can aid in the development of a fan base. Create new material for your social profiles, and interact with your followers on a regular basis.

Again, think about which social media channels your target audience uses. Then, develop your strategy and pick what kind of content to distribute. Learn about Facebook video marketing, TikTok promotion, and Instagram video marketing. If you use the greatest social media methods for music marketing, you will watch your community increase over time.

4.Contact Influencers on Social Media and YouTube

Influencer marketing is a new but quickly growing marketing field that has yet to realise its full potential.

What exactly is an influencer? An influencer is a person who has a large number of followers on various social media sites. Bloggers, vloggers, public figures, and prominent YouTubers are all examples.

Find relevant influencers in your niche and reach out to them for partnership. Getting the attention of influencers can be difficult at first. Begin with minor influencers and work your way up to larger ones as your following rises.

There are numerous approaches to working with influencers. They can use your song as background music for their videos or create a new dance challenge using your tune and credit you. This can be really beneficial to you, especially if you are just starting to establish your following. You will gain access to their audience and be able to advertise your music more genuinely. As a result you will gain YouTube subscriber, views, likes and watchtime

5.Send an Email Newsletter to Everyone on Your Contact List

One of the benefits of having a music website is that you may collect your audience’s contact information. So, if you have email subscribers that want to stay in touch with you, you should design your email marketing strategy. Send out email newsletters to stay in touch with your audience.

When you have your contact list, you may interact with your contacts when you release a new song or an album, alert them about your next live event, or give out the forthcoming tour dates. Email allows you to communicate not only news but also songs, photos, and videos.

You can utilise graphic design templates to generate eye-catching visuals for tour announcements in your newsletters.

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