Tech Peak » WooCommerce Vs Prestashop: Which is the best option for eCommerce business

WooCommerce Vs Prestashop: Which is the best option for eCommerce business

by Chandan001
WooCommerce Vs Prestashop Which is the best option for eCommerce business

Post-pandemic, online shopping trends are increasing every day. According to a survey report, more than 20% of the population purchase at least twice a week. These graphs predict a great opportunity for all businesses to create their online presence via websites and eCommerce sites.  

Again, to build and run a successful eCommerce business, merchants need to first choose the right shopping cart software, which is one of the most daunting tasks for every business owner. The two most popular options include WooCommerce and Prestashop development services. In this blog, we have compared both the shopping cart software to help businesses make the right decision beforehand.   

WooCommerce Overview  

WooCommerce was released by WooThemes in 2011. However, in 2015, it got acquired by Automattic – the company that owns WordPress. It is the most famous eCommerce platform in the world that empowers many online stores worldwide.   

With WordPress being the world’s biggest CMS platform, WooCommerce website development services is also considered the best eCommerce solution. When installed, the developers can get easy access to all the crucial tools they need to run the online store including shipping options, payment options, products, order management system, marketing tools, and business analysis reports.   

Based on WordPress, WooCommerce also has the best blogging features to boost your content marketing and SEO plans. With comprehensive support communities, user-friendly theme editor, and bug-free plugins, WooCommerce is the most go-to-solution for software app development services.   

Features of WooCommerce  

  • Built on WordPress, thus empowered by trust  
  • Content remains at the core  
  • Worldwide community  
  • REST API  
  • More than 400 official extensions  
  • Countless themes  
  • Unrestricted customization  
  • Categories, tags, and attributes for easy product navigation  
  • Unlimited variations  
  • Built-in payment processing from leading providers  
  • Geo-location support  
  • One-click refund  
  • Inventory management options  
  • Product management solutions  
  • Email templates  
  • Customized dashboard  

Prestashop Overview  

Prestashop is also an open-source eCommerce software, free to download and use. Created back in 2005, today Prestashop has more than 250,000 live stores gaining popularity due to its intuitive dashboard and feature-rich functionality.   

Also, it is very user-friendly, comprehensive, and simple to navigate. Customers can have a thrilling shopping experience, thanks to its easy navigation and graphics features.   

The most crucial difference between Prestashop and WooCommerce is that WooCommerce refers to a plugin for WordPress, while Prestashop is an independent eCommerce software.   

So, if you are looking for a feature that doesn’t come by default (for instance the Facebook integration and payment gateway), Prestashop can easily help add the feature with an extension you can get from its official marketplace.   

Most importantly, Prestashop can get scaled up and create a greater number of products. So, business owners looking for ways to expand their online store can easily do it under the supervision of an expert eCommerce website development company.   

Prestashop Features  

  • Quickly create products  
  • Configure features and values  
  • Create packs of products  
  • Help sell customizable goods by allowing customers to upload their files  
  • Create products with variants listed in attributes via the combination’s generator  
  • Create digital products  
  • Help attach files and display additional information on product pages  
  • Set minimal quantity for some products to make a purchase  
  • Customized message to display for out-of-stock items  
  • Promote specific products  
  • Let customers add a gift-wrapping option for a friendly user experience  
  • Display payment logos to reinsure  
  • Run SEO on CMS pages and individual products  

Final Thoughts  

Making the right choice while choosing the best eCommerce platform is the foundation layer of your business graph. So, before choosing WooCommerce or Prestashop, we insist on first consulting an expert eCommerce app development company like ours. OrangeMantra, with its 20+ years of experience in the app and website development business, stay well-versed with the latest information and trends of the eCommerce business.   

So, why wait longer? Connect with us today, and our eCommerce developers will guide you in making the most intuitive and feature-rich eCommerce website to boost overall business ROI.   

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