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Why This Is The Ideal Time To Initiate Ubereats Clone App Development

by AngelinaJo
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Uber Eats is a household name due to its immense popularity as a global food delivery platform. With a strong user base in 45 countries and 6000 cities, its growth has been tremendous. 

Some main factors that will play a role in the increased demand for food delivery in the future are the increase in the disposable income of people, the rapid increase in smartphone usage, better penetration of the Internet, and competitive pricing due to the practices of offering attractive offers and deep discounts. 

The UberEats clone that we provide is a customized and feature-packed solution with well-functioning Android and iOS apps for customers, delivery executives, and an efficient admin panel. 

How does the UberEats clone app help to elevate your food delivery business?

Targets the right audience for marketing

Food delivery apps like the UberEats clone will easily attract students and working professionals who do not prefer to cook their dishes. The menu can be customized to deliver a variety of tasty dishes by including multiple cuisines. Active promotion must be done on the leading social media networks and inbound marketing helps to enhance conversion rates. Hiring food influencers is beneficial as they help to broaden the reach and spread a positive image. 

Establishes profitable partnerships with restaurants

With fewer dine-in numbers in restaurants because of Covid-19 related regulations, restaurants are surviving only because of offering food delivery services. An UberEats clone is a well-organized aggregator with listings of both small and large restaurants on its platform. A commission is earned for connecting customers to restaurants by charging a certain fee for each order processed. 

Enhances quality of food listing

The food items listed on the UberEats clone app is displayed in an eye-catching manner with HD images and interactive tools. Quick ordering can be facilitated by showcasing “Best Selling Dishes” and “Previously Ordered Items.” Customization is enabled by allowing users to add their ingredients and portions to make their own meal. 

Assistance in the easy expansion of the platform 

By establishing a strong presence in a small market initially, the UberEats clone helps in strategic expansion based on the extent of competition in certain markets. It helps in distinguishing the unique aspects of the food delivery app to attract customers away from the rivals. 

Sharing recipes of highly-ordered dishes 

With so many food blogs and reviews flooding the online space, it makes a lot of sense to publish the secret recipes of your signature dishes to customers. The content can be shared through a live blog, YouTube videos, Instagram stories, publishing an eBook, and organizing exclusive invitation-based events. This will help in establishing a trustworthy base of customers. 

Make your ratings and review system fully online 

Replace the clumsy-looking paper-based survey with an efficient online feedback system. Simple questions can be asked to foodies and they can give their answers by rating the quality of services on a scale of 1-5. It can also help the admin to respond to the grievances of customers directly and solve pending issues immediately. It can be integrated with a 10% or 15% discount for those users who submit their reviews. 

Concentrate on repeat purchases 

Repeat purchases can be generated by a food delivery app like UberEats clone when one-time guests become regular visitors. It is important to get their attention by creating a strong first impression. Profits can be earned consistently in the long run with continuous purchases by regular users. Integrate a loyalty program too by offering perks. 

Offer more incentives for delivery executives 

Delivery personnel are the backbone of the UberEats clone. We have seen in the past when food delivery services have been disrupted as delivery executives have gone on strike protesting against poor pay and unsafe working conditions. Hence, it is important to keep the delivery personnel in the good books by providing them periodic bonuses, insurance and implementing safety measures for protection against Covid-19. Despite many food delivery apps treating delivery executives as independent gig workers, they too have their share of rights, which needs to be rewarded accordingly. 

Manage orders and deliveries with cutting-edge technological tools – Gone are the days when each order and delivery request will be entered in a book. Customized spreadsheets that can be updated and shared on a real-time basis have emerged now. Integrate the order management system with the Point of Sale (POS) system to ensure greater efficiency. The speed of deliveries can be improved by allocating them on a priority basis and by utilizing the route optimization mechanism. 

Focus on quality of the packaging – The food delivered to the customers must be packed securely without any chances of leakage or damage to the containers. More attention is given in recent times towards eco-friendly packaging materials as they are easy to handle and more sustainable. 

Food delivery apps have become a highly revenue-generating business opportunity now. An UberEats clone saves a lot of time and effort for users and contributes to remarkable growth for businesses. Kickstart UberEats clone app development now to ensure a high level of efficiency in preparing dishes, handling orders, and dispatching deliveries.

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