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Why Hire Full Stack React Native Programmers in India?

by junedghanchi

Globally, India stands as the most growth-focused market for mobile apps in general. Mobile apps have already penetrated every nook and corner of our daily lives and businesses. No wonder the gross app market revenue in India is expected to cross US$1,662.00m by the end of this year, and with an annual growth rate of 9.22%, the market volume is likely to reach US$2,365.00m by the year 2026.

But the statistics mentioned above alone cannot invoke all positive vibes since the revenue generation and retention rate of Indian apps is very poor. According to Statista, the average app revenue for every download stands alone at just US$0.05. To make your mark in the app world, you need to choose your tech stack wisely.

React Native has emerged as the most developer-friendly framework for mobile app projects across the niches in recent years. Hire React Native developers India who assume startups and enterprises core necessities and provide single user-Friendly mobile app solutions.

Here in this blog, we will explain the reasons for opting for React Native framework and the reasons for hiring React Native developers from India.

Why Choose React Native for your App Project?

Let’s spare a few words in introducing React Native framework. React Native is a cross-platform development framework that allows you to build high-performance and native-looking apps for iOS and Android by using the JavaScript code. that allows you to build native mobile apps using JavaScript. While the core codebase for both platforms will be the same, the framework will use native UI code for each platform separately. This ultimately boils down to several key advantages, such as those mentioned below.

  • Faster Development Time: React Native apps can be developed and optimized for iOS and Android platforms quicker than with other technologies, thanks to a reusable codebase. React Native allows reusing 85% of the core codebase.
  • Considerable Cost Advantage: Because of the reusability of the codebase and ready to use components, a business for shaping their app presence across platforms needs to spend a lot less, resulting in a distinct cost advantage.
  • Modular Flexible Development: React Native offers a vast and rich repository of reusable components for both platforms. This helps developers build the app for each platform in a modular way. One can just build a simple app initially and, by using other components, can shape the intended app over time and based on user feedback.
  • Native Performance Guaranteed: Though React Native is a cross-platform development framework, by using a JavaScript bridge, it connects to the native UI layers of both iOS and Android and guarantees a native user experience and app performance.
  • Lightweight and Low-footprint App: React Native by supporting one-way data binding and by ensuring clean coding, ensures building truly lightweight and low-footprint apps for faster loading time and smooth performance.
  • The Vast Pool of Developer Talents: React Native, ever since Facebook launched it in 2014, continued to rise in popularity and emerged as the most loved framework worldwide for mobile app projects across all niches. With React Native, you never fall short of developer talents to manage your app project.
  • Huge Developer Community: React Native, the most popular cross-platform development framework, gets the constant support of the largest pool of developers worldwide. The React Native developers can access ready help from a multitude of developer forums in case of any problem with which they are stuck.

Why Hire Indian Developers for your React Native App Project?

Now that we have explained the key advantages offered by the React Native framework for app development, it is time to explain why we choose Indian developers for app projects built with React Native framework. Let’s start.

  • The Popularity of Cross-Platform Development & React Native

In India, the cross-platform development approach has been more popular than the native development simply because of the cost concerns of the millions of small businesses and startups who have just started to shape their digital presence with a mobile app. Instead of building and maintaining two separate apps for iOS and Android, building one app for multiple platforms always offers better value propositions.

On the other hand, the so-called hybrid approach of “build once and run everywhere” has proved to be frustrating regarding native user experience and app performance. Cross-platform development with React Native offers a balanced approach between these two polar opposites and brings the cost advantage of hybrid and user experience of native apps.

  • Exposure to Budget Development for Startups and Small Businesses

Unlike the US and other Western countries, India is a market primarily dominated by startups and small businesses. With the extreme focus on digitization, these small businesses are increasingly trying to build their mobile app presence. The app developers are versed with the tricks and measures to develop an app faster and take appropriate cost control measures.

  • World’s Leading IT Outsourcing Destination

As the IT outsourcing destination, India has also become much more mature with its expert development companies spread all over the country across major cities and economic zones. By hiring React Native app developers from India, the global companies can get the advantages of this, a very mature IT outsourcing destination with many choices for picking up the development services and developers they need.

  • A Staggering Talent Pools

At present, the vast majority of small business and startup apps across iOS and Android are cross-platform in nature, and React Native has the most expansive presence across most of these app projects. Naturally, companies worldwide can easily expect a staggering talent pool of React Native developers here in India.

Summing It Up

While cross-platform development will continue to grow and flourish in India, React Native will likely stay in the middle of the cross-platform revolution. Nowhere can you find so vast a talent pool of React Native developers with such unparalleled project experience and competitive price quotes.

IndianAppDevelopers bring you experienced and well-trained app developers India that is right for your project. If you are looking to develop a React Native app for your business, contact IndianAppDevelopers to build React Native app for an excellent user experience.

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