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Why eCommerce SEO Experts Can Handle Your Project More Efficiently Than You Can

by 1digitalagency

No offense, but unless you consider yourself to be a subject matter expert, then dedicated SEO experts can handle your digital marketing projects – specifically your eCommerce SEO project – better than you can. There’s a reason they’re called experts, and it’s because they tackle this stuff on a daily.

Whether your project is small or a truly enterprise-level endeavor going after hundreds of keywords and including hundreds of pages of copy and products, SEO experts understand the devils in the details that make the difference between success and throwing good money (and efforts) after bad.

For example, you may know that search engine optimization starts with keyword research, but regardless of the size and scope of your project, there is such a thing as a lucrative keyword and one that’s hardly worth your time to pursue.

You might think, for example, that it makes the most sense to target only the keywords with the highest volume, but this will be a course of frustration, especially for websites starting out with low domain authority. Targeting high-volume keywords will stifle your early efforts, as it is nearly impossible to outrank competitors by going after these alone.

On the flip side, if your efforts largely revolve around targeting low-hanging fruit and less competitive keywords, you may start to rank quickly, but traffic will languish because there isn’t enough search volume for uncompetitive words to begin with.

The answer, rather, lies in a delicately balanced portfolio of targeted keywords – and we haven’t even gotten past keyword research yet!

That is only one single aspect of SEO. You still need to optimize your online store’s metadata, site content (like product categories and product descriptions), blog posts (without keyword stuffing), images, alt data, internal linking structure, site map, and countless – countless – other features of your website, all of which will impact the manner in which search engines crawl and index it.

An eCommerce SEO Expert knows where to look for (and remove) duplicate content, how to optimize the countless pages on your site for Google searches, what to include (and what not to include) on your product pages, and so much more. If anything, it’s too much for anyone but an expert to track and manage.

Then there is the value of linking strategy and link building. Even a fairly comprehensive SEO strategy would be glaringly deficient without a solid plan for building backlinks. The old way is to rely on your eCommerce business’s authority to encourage users to send you backlinks on their own, or you can ask for them. These are effective, but painfully slow, and take far too much time to generate.

By contrast, an eCommerce SEO expert, one with an established track record of providing successful eCommerce SEO services, stands on the authority of experience. They know exactly what keywords to pursue, what on-page optimizations to implement, and how to generate backlinks, among innumerable other tangible factors that directly affect the success of long-term SEO strategies for eCommerce websites.

A truly experienced eCommerce SEO agency will also have a proven history of success managing SEO campaigns for other clients on your specific eCommerce platforms. Whether you’re built on BigCommerce, Shopify, Magento, Volusion, WordPress, or some other lesser-known eCommerce platform, a true expert will be able to build a custom strategy for your website.

Digital marketing strategies – specifically SEO strategies – are complex and comprehensive. Don’t waste time, money and effort playing a guessing game. Call the experts at 1Digital Agency at 888-982-8269 today to learn more about their proven SEO process and clients for which they’ve delivered results in the past, and then get on developing a strategic partnership with them to push more organic traffic to your website.

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