Who is a Web Developer and How to Become?

web developer

Web Developer: Typically, web developers design and build websites. According to Wikipedia, a web developer is a programmer who is specifically involved in or engaged in the development of World Wide Web applications using the client-server model.

However, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, job descriptions for web developers include the following:

  • Build and test the application for the website.
  • Work with graphics and other designers to determine the layout and design of the website.
  • Monitor website traffic.
  • Specializing in Web Development
  • There are, of course, different types of web developers. However, while some focus on the front end or back end of the web, there are full-stack web developers who are proficient in both.

How to become a web developer

There has always been a demand for a web developer, whether in India or abroad, if you go to the linkedin.com website and see, there are more than 4000 web developer jobs available. So today we will know how to become a web designer or web developer. 

Nowadays, the speed with which technology is developing, the demand related to technology is also increasing at the same pace. In fact, there is an opportunity for creative people to take their careers in the right direction. 

To work in web development, you must have a degree in advanced web development course training and you have knowledge of the latest trends and also should know about all web development skills. also knowledge of programming languages. Must have a creative mind as well.

Nevertheless, below are the web development features:

  • front end web development
  • back end web development
  • full-stack web development

Front end web development: Generally, the front end covers when you visit a website; Everything from images to videos, forms, and drop-down menus. That is, everything you can see, hear, or click on is part of the front end.

Also, if you are more creative-minded, well, this feature will suit you the most.

Back-end web development: Typically, back-end developers ensure that the features work on the site. The back end is usually the part of the web that you cannot see while traveling. This is where most of the maintenance happens. 

Also, if you are a logical person, however, you will find the back end attractive and well suited for your natural skills.

Webmaster: Webmasters maintain and update websites. They also ensure that websites function correctly, and they test for errors such as broken links. In addition, many webmasters also respond to user comments.

  • creativity
  • concentration
  • customer service skills
  • detail-oriented

Web development usually involves designing the appearance of the website. Therefore, web developers must be creative to ensure that the website is attractive as well as functional.

Web developers must concentrate to sit at the computer and write detailed code for a long period of time.

Web developers need to be attentive to detail, as a small coding error can stop the entire web page from working.

What are the qualifications of web developers?

To be successful as a web developer, you must possess certain qualities and skills. Below are some important qualities every web developer should have:

Eligibility to become a web developer-

  •  Candidate should have knowledge in computer
  •  Candidate should have interest in computer
  •  there are no limits here
  •  You must have a computer degree from any recognized university college or school.
  •  You should be a creative mind
  •  knowledge of code like HTML, CSS, and language.
  • Must have computer science in 12th

What are the Skills of a web developer?

These skills can be classified into front-end and back-end web development skills.

  • Front-end web development skills
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • Back-end web development skills
  • HTML
  • PHP
  • Javascript / NodeJS
  • Ruby / Ruby on Rails
  •  It is useful to build a website, recreate it, prepare a good design, etc.
  •  Revamping the website
  • Making a shop an online store with an e-commerce system.
  • What to do to become a web developer
  • First, you have to learn the HTML language.
  • You have to do a computer course in which HTML language has been told.
  • Must have BCA or B.Tech degrees from any recognized university.
  • Must be a graduate in computer from any recognized university.
  •  After learning website management website development, you can become a perfect web developer.

Career options in the web developer

  • Here you get a job in a big company.
  •  Jobs are available in big companies like Amazon, Facebook, Google, Flipkart, etc.
  •  The Indian government has many requirements.
  •  You can create your own company with web development.
  •  By creating your own website, Google Adsense can also make income to a great extent.

Top institute in India for web development

  • Web Development Institute
  • Skillsuggest
  • Dreamzone Basaveshwaranagar
  • Nschool
  • Merient Infotech
  • Agile Academy
  • Enosis Learning
  • w3webschool
  • digital academy
  • Precognition Technologies Pvt Ltd



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