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Where to Install Security Cameras – 5 Tips and Tricks

by LeoHiggins
Security Cameras

When it comes to securing your home, people go to all lengths and measures by placing high-tech equipment to prevent any unfortunate mishaps or incidents. Whether it’s fire alarm detectors, security cameras, burglar alarms, etc. All of these play an important role around the world, even in the UK to keep you and your family safe at home. 

While all of the above pieces of equipment may be beneficial by placing them on their own, there are several tricks you can imply to increase the effectiveness of how they work, making them more useful than before. This article will go over all there is to installing security cameras and the best places they could be placed. 

The positioning of security cameras plays an important role in providing surveillance. So, if you have bought CCTV cameras, and are looking to install them on your property, just don’t install them at any random spot. Do your proper research and find the right place for their installation. Choose the places that allow you a clear view of the entire area of your property.

iSecurity Solutions are providing a wide range of security solutions along with the service of CCTV installation Manchester. Their professional team will guide you about the best places for security cameras installation. However, let’s move on to the potential areas that can be suitable for the installation.

Best Places to Install Home Security Cameras

Places to Install Home Security Cameras

While installing your cameras you need to be mindful of the places that are most vulnerable to any burglar invasions. While you could buy a ton of security cameras and place them all around the house, a clear and more effective way would be to buy a few of them and ensure they have proper placement around the house. Keep a few factors in your mind while you are at it, for instance: do you need to install two cameras in one area? Is the camera high enough to capture the entire area? Are you using more cameras than you should? Etc. These questions should help you narrow down your options on camera placement. 

Here are some of the recommended areas around your house that you must NOT miss when you are looking to secure your homes

Back Door

Any suspicious visitor is more likely to use the doors that are out of sight, so they can enter undetected. To ensure the full knowledge of everyone entering or leaving from the back door, add cameras to secondary doors as well.

Front Door

Well, most of you are thinking that intruders always sneak into the place from side entrances, but the study shows that more than 40% of burglars use the front door. The burglar could be one from maintenance people, your babysitter or any unknown visitor. So, the installation of cameras at the main entrance can keep an eye on everybody who comes in and out.


Garages and driveways are the common targets of burglars because many homeowners think that this is the weakest entry point. By installing a camera pointed at your garage you can keep an eye on cars, bikes and other important stuff. It will help you stay connected if your garage is detached.


Installation of a security camera in the yard will help you monitor the house from the outside. Also, you can keep a check on the activities of your children, pets or any other property.

5 Tips and Tricks to Help you Determine the Right Positioning for Cameras

Right Positioning for Cameras

Just as fixing your camera in the right room is important, you must also make up for the camera placement. A bad camera angle or a low-height camera may not be as effective if factors like these are countered. Ensure you use your cameras to their full potential by having them cleverly installed and maximizing its usefulness. 

  • Give your Camera’s Room for Focus

Cameras with a smart focus range should be aimed at specific areas. If you have a wide-angle camera, place it where it can easily see for 75 to 180 degrees without any obstruction.

  • Install the Cameras out of Reach

Generally, people forget to secure security devices. And this negligence can put you in trouble. To avoid possible vandalism, it is suggested to install your cameras at least 9 feet above the ground.

  • Place the Cameras at the Highest Point

Most security companies recommend the height of camera installation 8 feet (2.5m). However, this depends on the type of property you have. Installing at the height of 8 feet can provide you with a general view of your surroundings. It is a suitable distance as it will give you coverage and will protect the cameras from vandals.

  • Don’t use Wide Dynamic Range at Doorways

Most of the cameras come with a wide-angle lens and are perfect for covering a larger area. However, this distorts the image which means the detailed view might not get captured and you may not be able to fully identify the culprit in time. However, if you already have one installed consider installing another camera with a regular lens.

  • Test your Security Equipment Before Committing to Full Installation

Before proper installation, operate the camera and make sure it is functioning as expected. The last thing you would want is to find out your camera stopped functioning right in between a break-in, so ensure everything is good to go prior to installation. Choose the place after proper checking. Also, check for the area where there are strong Wi-Fi signals, especially if your camera comes with the feature to signal relevant authorities in case an incident takes place at your property. 

So if you’re looking to install security cameras at home any time soon, be sure to keep these few yet effective tips and tricks in mind. While there are also integrations and parts you can add to your camera to enhance its functioning, these tricks are a great way for you to amp your camera’s productivity without spending any extra money. Stay safe!

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