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Where Should Fire Alarms Be Placed?

by LeoHiggins
Where Should Fire Alarms Be Placed?

Ensuring that your home is safe for you and the rest of your family is a priority everyone wishes to keep up with. If you’ve recently moved to a new home or are considering upgrading the home security that is already present, it is best that you make use of best practices in order to create a secure environment for all. When we speak about security, we’re not only talking about adding CCTV cameras and intruder alarms, but fire alarms systems as well which are just as important as any other element that will enhance the protection of your home. 

Not everyone is familiar with handling fire alarms or smoke detectors correctly. Not only must you be well versed with the device but you must also think rationally before considering placement. The location of the installation can play a make it or break it for your home. The last thing you would want to do is place the smoke detectors where it’s almost impossible to detect smoke and the whole effort goes in vain, and you’re back to square one. To know more about fire alarms and the correct placement, this article will walk you through all that you need. 

Where Should we Place Fire Alarms

Well, this is something we must really consider. As stated above, if you were to install a fire alarm system at a place that is inaccessible or somewhere that wouldn’t detect smoke anyway, there is little to no point in doing so. To begin with, we highly recommend that you buy a smoke alarm system that is suitable to your house and it’s requirements. For instance, iSecurity solutions offers some of the best fire alarms for you to work with. 

Start off by installing a smoke alarm in each of your bedrooms. Try to cover all of them and do not leave out a single. Doing so will ensure all your rooms are covered and especially when you are sleeping you can feel a bit more secure knowing if anything goes wrong the detectors should be able to alert you and act on time. Similarly, it must also be placed outside every sleeping area, in case a fire emits outside the room. However, what do you do when one of your levels does not have a bedroom? If that happens you can choose to install alarms in the drawing/living room or near the stairway that goes upwards. The more the detectors place the better it may be.

Regardless of how many levels are there in the home it is always a good idea to cover all of them with at least one smoke detector. Whether it’s the basement, ground or first floor, make sure your house is well covered so you don’t leave out any space. Every level in your home must be well equipped with at least one detector so it can detect any rising smoke that may emit from a fire. 

You can also place it in other fire-vulnerable areas which include laundry rooms and kitchens. To reduce the embarrassment of a false alarm in the kitchen, try placing the alarm a good 10 feet away from the kitchen supplies and appliances. The larger your home is, the more detectors you will want to consider. Placing the smoke detector in a stairway or hallways is an ideal place. 

Always try to ensure that the smoke detectors installed with one another remain interconnected. This will allow you to hear the alarm regardless of where you may be and whether or not you’re in your home. 

Importance of Installing Fire Alarms 

Structure fires are very common, to prevent you and your family from facing such a hazard that could lead to financial loss, loss of wealth or even life in worst scenarios it is best to take the necessary precautions beforehand. The right fire alarm system will prevent you from a disaster you did not anticipate and can at least minimize the damage. 

Benefits of Fire Alarms

  • Reduces deaths and injuries 
  • Reduces hazard dangers
  • Quick activation would help you make the right decision at the right time
  • Less expensive means of providing an early warning of a potentially deadly fire 

The next time you are considering the security of your home, be sure to get yourself some smoke detectors to ensure the safety of everyone at home. Make the right choice by investing in the right smoke detectors today. 

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