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WhatsApp New Features for 2022 Will Blow your Mind

by jacobbarlee
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Several new features and improvements were launched by the WhatsApp instant messaging android apps development in the previous year, 2021, which Meta owns. Users are now looking forward to the features that will be added in the future.WhatsApp is currently developing many new features to provide users with a more enjoyable talking experience.

A few of these forthcoming functions are being tested in the app’s beta release, while the others are still in the early stages of design and android apps development. After receiving a message on iOS, the features tracker stated that the app is embarking on a second feature that would display the sender’s profile picture in the notification when the message is received on the Android platform.

Many firms provide Android application development services to startups,small and medium-sized businesses, and large corporations.The new WhatsApp features are likely to improve the chatting experience for users, according to expectations. In this section, we’ll go through some of the forthcoming

WhatsApp features that are currently in android apps development and are slated to be released by 2022.

1. In alerts, provide a picture of your profile

A new feature being developed by the instant-messaging app that will display a user’s profile photo in iOS system alerts when a new message is received from friends or a group is said to be in the works.

2. Keep your ‘last seen’ information hidden

Furthermore, WhatsApp is now developing a much-needed functionality that would enable users to conceal their ‘last seen’ status from all but a few specified contacts. Allow us to Inform you that WhatsApp already has a feature that allows users to conceal their last seen.

However, one drawback of this function is that users are unable to know when their contacts were last viewed. Using the new last seen function, users may choose to conceal their last seen data from certain contacts. That they do not want to view, while still being able to access the ‘last seen’ status of all other persons in their list. The function is claimed to be already accessible in the beta version of the app and is anticipated to be made available.

3. No time restriction for removing sent messages

WhatsApp presently enables users to erase a message up to 4,096 seconds after it has been delivered. However, according to recent sources, the meta-owned app is now testing a new feature in a beta version which is restricted. Users will be able to erase their sent messages at any point in time in the future.

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4. The WhatsApp Community feature for android apps development

WhatsApp is purportedly developing a new community feature that will be comparable to discord groups and channels, according to recent reports. This is not the same as the existing group’s option in WhatsApp, which is a separate product. Administrators will have more control over the various parts of the app as a result of this new feature group. Administrators will have the ability to establish up to ten groups inside a community and deliver messages to the groups.

5. Log out of WhatsApp

WhatsApp is now testing a new feature called logout, which will take the place of the ‘Delete Account’ button on the app. Users will be able to log out of their WhatsApp accounts from their devices, much as they can with Facebook and other social networking android apps development. Users may be able to access their accounts on several devices at the same time with new logout functionality.

The functionality was just discovered in the latest beta version of WhatsApp. The WhatsApp logout functionality is expected to be made available for both the iOS and Android versions of the program.

6. Instagram Reels on WhatsApp

A new feature that will enable users to view Instagram Reels right from the chat app. This is reported to be a part of WhatsApp’s ambition to integrate with other Facebook-owned applications in the future.

7. Save it for Later

WhatsApp may make improvements to the Archived Chats function in the near future, so keep an eye out for updates. Once a conversation has been moved to the “read later” area, users will no longer get alerts for messages. Additionally, a ‘vacation mode’ will be included in the feature, which will guarantee that thread later’ conversations function in the same manner as archived chats do on the current stable version of the software.

The edit button allows users to make changes to their settings. WhatsApp users have the ability to unarchive numerous conversations at the same time.

8. WhatsApp Insurance

In India, WhatsApp users will soon be able to purchase insurance directly via the app. Instant messaging software WhatsApp is planning to provide health insurance and micro-pension products on its messaging platform in India. Partnering with regulated financial services firms to accomplish this goal. The SBI General sachet-health insurance cover and the HDFC Pension programs will be the first products that WhatsApp would offer.

9. Reactions to messages

Users of WhatsApp will soon be able to respond to messages using photographs, similar to how they can do so on Instagram and Facebook. Users will be able to respond to a message with a total of six emojis thanks to the new functionality.

With the introduction of an idea, every Android mobile application development services cycle is transformed. Conceptualizing the application is, in reality, the basis, the foundation, of the whole project of WhatsApp.. Execution, on the on the other hand, is critical.

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