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What Sellers Must Know in 2021 About Amazon BSR

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Understanding how Amazon Best Sellers Rank works (BSR), is crucial to your success if you are selling on Amazon. You need to be able to comprehend BSR in detail, whether you are buying products from other sellers or making your own.

  • You will tie up your money in products that don’t sell, but you’ll still have to pay storage fees.
  • Pricing products incorrectly can cause you to lose money.
  • Chances to purchase the right products will be lost.
  • It’s a waste of time to buy products that you shouldn’t have.

This article will explain what Amazon Best Sellers Rank is (BSR), how it is calculated and how it contributes to more sales.

What is Amazon’s Best Sellers Ranking (BSR):

The BSR (also known as “sales rank”) is an Amazon number that is assigned to every product in the Amazon database. This ranking shows the product’s recent sales volume.

Each category and each department has its own bestseller ranking system. Each product is awarded a BSR based on its orders in comparison to other products within the same category.

We don’t know the exact formula to calculate Best Seller Rank, but that’s okay. Simply understand that products that have a lower BSR (closer than 1) sell faster than those with a higher BSR.

BSR does not consider sales. Best Seller Rank does not consider customer reviews, average customer ratings, or price.

Sellers often create rules of thumb, such as “if it’s below (x rank in (x category), it sells (x amount per month.” While this is great, it’s important that you consider several factors.

1. The estimated units sold for a given BSR vary by category.

It’s quite simple. This is quite simple. A BSR 1 in toys might sell 10,000 units per month, while a BSR 1 in Grocery could sell 100,000+ units each month.

2. BSR is a market-based method of estimating sales.

A sales rank 1 in toys and games on Amazon.Com will sell nearly 10x more units than a rank 1 in toys and games in Amazon.Ca.

3. The Total Sales Estimated for All Sellers

To make this possible, you must own the buy box for every day. You need to realize that there may be many sellers listed on the listing.

4. BSR Sub Categories Are Different Than Main Categories

Use the free Amazon sales estimators only if you are using the main category’s sales rank and not the subcategories. In the present market, the SellerApp Amazon sales estimator is the best tool for estimating Amazon sales of the product.

5. Prices, seasonality, and supply influence sales

All things being equal, your estimated sales will be calculated. Extreme changes can have dramatic effects. The BSR is 1 and it has been sold at $20. Raising the price to $30 will almost always lower total sales.

Many products also experience dramatic seasonal trends. For example, almost all categories are affected by Amazon’s fourth quarter. These estimators won’t be perfect because of this.

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