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What makes PrestaShop the most sought after ecommerce platform

by Chandan001
What makes PrestaShop the most sought after ecommerce platform

With the advent of e-stores, businesses were in dire need of an outstanding ecommerce platform. Although the rising demand has brought forth multiple competing platforms; entrepreneurs see Prestashop development as a clear winner. Widely accepted by a number of e-retailers, this open source platform has led several companies on the path to e-store success. This write-up delves deep and informs you about several facets that make up the Prestashop advantage. And also will help you to choose best ecommerce development company in gurgaon.

Faster and simpler operation

Speed is an important aspect when it comes to ecommerce platforms, and PrestaShop does not disappoint in this area. Offering a stellar performance, it puts up a tough competition to its rival platforms. No matter the amount of site traffic you have on any given day, this platform is designed to handle it all seamlessly without any glitches. Moreover, it has a fairly uncomplicated operation, meaning it can be easily managed by trainees as well as by any of your senior management. This is a valuable feature that even Magento fails to provide because it has a complex configuration that demands expert attention.

Exceptionally cost-effective

Firms that are keeping a close eye on their costs have chosen to avail the expertise of a Prestashop web developer. This ecommerce platforms provides an involving shopping experience that leads to more sales with little to no initial investment. Also eliminating a need for expensive servers and a large investment; it operates with maximum efficacy. PrestaShop utilizes available server resources exceptionally well; which averts the extra expense that competing ecommerce platforms usually entail.

Great returns and an enhanced profitability with the optimized web portal has made it popular with many vendors. The management is thus left to better allocate the saved funds toward apt advertising or marketing strategies for the merchant.

Free Themes and maximum customer engagement

Web developers ensure that this portal is efficient and swift along with being able to completely engage your customers. It uses alluring new themes (that are available at no extra cost) to completely reinvent the façade of the store in a matter of minutes.

SEO compatible

With any site, the main aim is to attract as many shoppers as possible, which is something search engine optimization helps you attain. A Prestashop development company facilitates search engine optimization letting you get a top rank in the local or even national search engine. This helps more and more people locate you and learn of your services meaning a steady flow of site visitors who are prospective customers.

Since they offer a number of exciting features in addition to the above-mentioned aspects; it is no wonder that Prestashop development services are quite sought after. In fact, studies show that leading corporations prefer it over Magento due to the advantage of speedier performance.

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