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What Makes Onboarding Software So Important to your Modern-Day Workplace?

by cathyjones
Onboarding Software

Globally, about 58% of the organizations still use manual paperwork systems for onboarding new hires, and 37% of the companies ensure that the onboarding process is a long-term process that takes more than a month to complete. This manual onboarding system is quite a complicated and long-term process, resulting in losing skilled and relevant candidates. The major issues faced by modern-day companies are scarcity of talent and a high employee turnover rate. Hence, to mitigate such issues, you can integrate onboarding software that helps influence employees’ decisions to stay within your company. 

As per research conducted by Brandon Hall Group, organizations having a strong onboarding process helps improve new hires’ retention by about 82% and raises productivity by about 70%. Effective onboarding, it provides opportunities for your company to establish better communication, easily accomplish administrative tasks, and higher productivity. The chances of the turnover rate of new hires are high with the ineffective onboarding process. But efficient onboarding helps bridge the relationship between your company and new hires. Investing in employee engagement and communication during preboarding helps improve the onboarding experience by about 83%. 


Why is Onboarding Software So Important to Your Company? 

An automated onboarding process provides your company with a cohesive and organized experience for the employees. In addition, it makes the process fast and easy. The benefits of automating the onboarding process are enlisted as follows: 


Saves Time by Reducing Mundane Tasks 

It is a tremendous administrative burden for your HR department to manage the onboarding process manually. The HR personnel had to manually prepare documents by filling forms by employees and informing both organization and team members about new hires. These activities consume a lot of time and can sometimes be daunting, with higher chances of error occurrences. But using an automated onboarding tool helps reduce mundane tasks and ensures error-free work by creating workflows. It helps your HR team save time and provide a lifelong good experience for new hires. 

Supports Onboarding of Candidates 

Using an automated onboarding tool helps support and enhance the candidate onboarding experience. This software helps to provide a user-friendly process to the application that facilitates the improvement of your company’s image and reassures candidates in making the right choice. It also helps candidates provide details, fill out forms, allow others to see, and invest time to motivate people to work best for your company. 

Simplified Paperwork with Centralized Work 

The onboarding paperwork helps your employees not to stay buried with the paperwork on their first day of joining. Automated onboarding, it helps put an end to redundant documentation. The forms help collect the information those need to be created and make it available to your employees. It helps your new hires not to juggle between hard copies and multiple documents. After the paperwork is completed, forms are automatically saved online. 

Enhances Compliance and Accuracy 

As compliance is an essential aspect of your employees, with automated software, compliance becomes easy. It helps in the non-documentation of vital data, letters, and forms, which on having a presence, can lead to severe issues in compliance and penalties. On using an automated onboarding system, it provides stress-free completion of tasks, and it makes the employees compliant with local and federal labor laws. 

Gives Comprehensive Information to New Hires 

A standardized, automated onboarding tool helps in a seamless flow of comprehensive information to new employees. It includes your company’s mission, vision, videos, and policies, which are delivered to your new hires on time. Moreover, it also helps report information to the team members and managers. 

Provides Real-Time Reports 

With automated onboarding system, it helps ensure the completion of tasks and tracking activities within the onboarding process, involving sending emails to your new hires. In addition, this onboarding tool shows your employees’ progress and indicates real-time status at each stage. It also helps make the onboarding process error-free and compelling. 

Higher Employee Engagement, Experience, and Retention 

Strong onboarding of employees helps elevate higher engagement and retention and provides an excellent experience for your employees. It also helps in higher productivity and profitability by lowering employee turnover and absenteeism. In addition, it also helps provide a smooth transition from candidates to new hires. Finally, it also ensures new hires acclimate to the newly assigned job roles long-term. 

Strong Company Culture 

Attracting and retaining talents and fitting your new hires into your company’s culture are equally important. It helps build a strong and intentional workplace culture throughout your onboarding and recruitment process. It is also about sharing information about your company’s vision, mission, and values. It also helps reinforce your values and ensure cultural alignment. 

Easy Attraction of Talents 

About 20% of the new hires recommend the employer to a family member or friend after experiencing a good onboarding process. The dissatisfied employees may tarnish your brand name and reputation with poor employee onboarding. On using automated software, it helps your company to attract and retain strong candidates and improves employee referral. It also helps in fast and less expensive employee attraction and provides an important channel to source candidates. 


Importance of ATS Integration in Your Company

Recruitment of new hires is quite an expensive and daunting process. But, using an automated application tracking tool helps your companies automate recruitment, hence keeping costs lower significantly. The benefits of ATS integration are enlisted below:


Easy Streamlining of Recruitment 

With a growing business, it helps ending-up recruitment for multiple positions on different platforms at a time. Though it is quite a chaotic process, using this automated tracking software helps manage the entire hiring process. It prevents wasting time on your HR Team in juggling tools and multiple spreadsheets to gather primary and essential information. Using the applicant tracking tool helps manage job postings, assessments, interview scheduling, and onboarding from all places and on a real-time basis. 

Faster Screening of Candidate CVs

On using automated software, it helps in the fast and real-time screening of the candidates applied to your company. Moreover, recruiters help in the manual screening of incoming applications for new openings, and it also helps in conducting face-to-face interviews. It also automates initial application screening, and by using algorithms, it helps match candidates against the job requirements. The CVs not meeting minimum requirements are automatically rejected, and CVs are ranked as per the qualification indicators.  

Facilitates Hiring in the Collaborative Way 

This automated software facilitates your HR team to share notes and ratings on each candidate and drive the decision-making process. As a result, it is beneficial to your company to assemble diverse and successful teams. 

Saves Time by Automating Mundane Tasks 

This automated tool saves about 50% of your HR team’s work by automating the routine tasks. It helps make the process in a faster and more effective way. The automated tracking tool also helps screen resumes automatically and rejects candidates based on customized requirements. It also helps automatic scheduling of online assessments and background checks, and each of stage is executed automatically without any bottlenecks or delays. 

Building Strong Branding Culture and Managing Talent Database 

This automated software provides an excellent experience to the candidates regarding interacting and communicating, irrespective of hiring the candidate or not. A good applicant tracking tool automatically notifies candidates on a real-time basis and notifies candidates about rejection and selection with feedback collection. If the candidates reject the company’s offer but still have a position impression of the brand. 

Along with this, an online application tool helps your company have a cost-effective approach to fill the skill gaps of your company. It, therefore, results in maximizing the return of your company. 

Improved Quality Hiring and Enhances Candidate Experience 

On using an automated tool, it helps automation of recruiters’ administrative tasks and helps improve candidate engagement in the process of selection. It also helps in gathering information and facilitates making complete candidate assessments before making a hiring decision. 


Integrating Applicant Tracker in Small Companies  

This automated applicant tracking software integrated into the human resource system helps building-up a roster of potential candidates available in the market to reach future job openings. It also provides visualizing tools for allowing recruiters to track each candidate in the recruitment process. It also comprises of user-friendly features that help in automating the workflow. Moreover, this software provides customized rejection emails with auto-scheduling interviews to ensure the automated information flow reach candidates. 

Along with this, this applicant tracking tool in small companies is important for the candidates and recruiters. It helps elevate candidate response and allows recruiters to stay updated about the candidate’s responses. 


To Wrap-Up 

The excellent real-time onboarding process help improves the orientation of your new hires, and it also helps to track important tasks and streamline the entire process of your essential duties. Using an automated application tracking tool facilitates automating manual processes with raised visibility and improved transparency. In addition, the online applicant tracker enables the fast hiring of the best candidates before they lose interest in the company. 

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