What is web development and how to become an expert web developer

What is web development
What is web development

A person who has attained the position of a web developer has to work mainly to manage the programs under the web. A person making a career in this field has more hope of getting a job in the government sector or private sector. It is a respectable post, in which the person gets respect as well as a good salary. 

To get this post, you have to do a course related to it, after which you can apply for a web developer. If you also want to become a web developer, then here you are being provided complete information about how to become a web developer, qualifications, courses, salary.

The person who does this kind of work like creating a website or internet-connected website, database, web-based software, domain-hosting management, etc. is called a web developer. Along with this, basically, the backside work of any website is called web development. For example, the opening of the page of a website, searching on the website, etc. 

If you have knowledge of this kind of work then you can become a successful web developer, but for this, you have to get success in graduation after 12th with subjects like BCA, BSc Computer Science, B Com Computer Science and after that You can also do MCA or MBA IT course.

Educational Qualification to become a Web Developer

It is mandatory for the candidates to become a web developer to be successful in 12th graduation from any stream recognized university and you can also choose any advanced training institute for web development course. After this, both women and men can do further courses for this post.

Courses to become a web developer


It is very important for the candidates to become a web developer to learn HTML because, in this, the candidate is given complete information about how to make a website to become a web developer. HTML is a language in which the work of creating the structure of the web is done. Unless you learn about HTML language, you cannot create any website. You can take a separate course to learn HTML.

Learn CSS to become a Web Developer

CSS is a client-side scripting language. Which is used in every website coding from CSS language itself. Therefore, in the subject of CSS language, candidates can get information about coaching, or online. Along with this, you have to work harder to learn it, because the more you practice it, the sooner you will be able to learn it.

Learn Java Script to become a web developer

To become a web developer, you should have knowledge of the javascript language. Therefore, to learn it, you have to do the basic course of web development course. It is a language that has logical operations. So you can study it through the net also. After learning Javascript, you should continue the practice of creating web pages from HTML, CSS, and javascript.

Learn PHP to be a Web Developer

To become an expert website developer, you will need this language because it is a powerful server-side scripting language. Talking about the full form of PHP, its full form is Hypertext Pre Processor, earlier its full form was personal home page, but now it has been changed. It takes a lot of time to do this course. Therefore, to do this course, you have to work hard, after which you can learn its programming language.

Courses to become a web developer

  • To become a web developer, candidates can do BE course.
  • After doing 12th, candidates can do BSC Computer Science, B.Com Computer Science, BCA courses.
  • After graduation, you can do MCA or MBA IT course.

Web developer salary

According to the work of the person getting the post of a web developer, his salary is fixed. The salary of web developers is also provided around ₹ 25,000 to ₹ 1,00,000.


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