What Is This Year’s Trend In Prescription Glasses?


Wearing prescription glasses does not mean that you cannot wear this accessory without being fashionable. Optical brands focus on classic elegant designs and quality materials. If you want to know what this year’s trend is in prescription glasses, we will tell you everything below.

Increasingly, eyewear designs are becoming retro, more exotic and vintage. You’ll be able to update your style quickly by wearing a totally on-trend new pair of glasses.

Geometric details, large sizes, cat eyes, transparent frames and much more are the designs in prescription glasses for this year, take a look at the trends!

This Year’s Trend In Prescription Glasses

  1. Transparent Glasses

Unisex prescription glasses with large transparent frames, they can be round or square. This is one of the most popular trends of the year, giving a subtle and avant-garde look.

  1. Modern Prints

Modern patterns such as animal print, tortoiseshell, marbled, Hazel and other color combinations is a very strong trend in prescription glasses for this year. With a square shape and slightly rounded corners to adapt to all types of faces.

  1. Thin Metal Lenses

The thin metal framed lenses in colors like gold or silver are delicate and inspiring elegance, giving a sophisticated vintage look. They are perfect for a more extravagant look when they are round Charleston style or aviators. They are synonymous with simplicity and minimalism, because today fashion is that, the simpler, the better.

  1. Vintage Cat Eyes

Cat eye glasses are still in fashion and are one of the most preferred eyewear styles for women. They emit a very sensual look and at the same time very academic and business. They complement the image of a decisive woman.


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