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What is the C Programming Language, Features, History

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What is the C Programming Language

C programming language is a general-purpose programming language, it is used to create various types of applications. Through C language, we can develop many types of software as well as operating systems for Windows and IOS. You can run C language programs on different computers and laptops because C is a Machine Independence structure programming language.

C language is consider a Middle-Level Programming Language. This is because C language has the characteristics of both Low Level and High-Level Language, like – we can convert the program of C language into assembly code. C is specially design in the middle of a system programming language.

C language is also know by many people as a computer programming language. Friends, the program made in C language is quite portable. This means that we can run the source code written in C language in any other operating system without any changes.

Friends, if you want to make graphics software like laptop and smartphone games and language interpreters, embedded systems, assemblers, then C language is also use for this.

History of C Programming Language 

Talking about the history of the C language, the C language was developed in 1972 in the bell laboratories of AT and T (American Telephone & Telegraph) through Dennis Ritchie. In the early days, the C language was develop to be use in the UNIX operating system.

In 1967, a few years before 1972, a programming language called Basic Combined Programming Language was developed specifically to be system software. Shortly after this, a new language name B was creat, the initial publication of the UNIX operating system was create through B language.

C is a combination of B and BCPL languages. The coding of the program of Unix operating system was complete in C language, Brian Kernighan and Dennis Ritchie wrote a book “The C Programming Language” After the publication of this book C. The language became very popular among the people.

What is Operating System

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  • The use of the C language is call

C language is used in many places, initially, C ( advanced c++ course )programming was use in the work related to system development. But today due to its features, it is use in various departments, such as –

  • Application Software
  • Network Driver
  • System Software
  • Database
  • Compilers
  • Operating System
  • Application Software

C language is also use in making application software, it is a program or collection of programs commonly use by the end-user, friends end user is call those who use them after making hardware and software programs. Applications are create through spreadsheets and databases.

Network Driver

Network driver programs are usually write in C language only. Friends, the job of network drivers is that they provide communication to the computer’s network device with the operating system or various network devices.

System Software

System software is call laptop and computer program, which is develope to run the system’s programs and hardware, with the help of C Programming, we can create system compiler and operating systems.


Systematic collection of data is call database. Its work helps in making data management easy or systematic. Friends MS SQL, MySQL, and Oracle which are DBMS software and C programming have been use in these too.


The compiler is a type of software-based program, its job is to process the instructions of the programming language, it first converts those programs into machine language, which makes it easy for the computer CPU to understand it.

Operating System

As you know that C Programming course is also used to create an operating system. An operating system is a type of computer software that communicates with the hardware and allows the user to run applications and other software on computers and other devices.

Features of C Language 

  • Friends, the C language is use for both low-level and high-level programming, due to which it is call mid-level programming language.
  • Many types of functions and data types are present in the C language, due to which it is very popular among the people, and at the same time it is a very simple language and it is also a powerful language.
  • C language is a machine-independent language, unlike assembly language, C language programs can be use on different machines.
  • The program of C language is portable, due to which it can run in any compiler.
  • There is a total of 32 keywords in the standard version of the C programming language. Which you can remember very easily.

End – Conclusion

So, friends, this was some important information that what is C Programming Language is, so I hope you have got information about C language, and if you still have any questions then you can ask us in the comment box. If you like this information then please share this article with your friends

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