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What Is Django and How to Learn It?

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Many developers nowadays use Django for developing websites/web apps. This is mainly because it allows them to quickly and easily develop quality websites in a very short time. Overall it is a marvelous Python framework and there is a huge demand for Django developers in the market.


Django is a very popular free-to-use/open-source python framework that helps developers in developing high-quality, reliable, and secure websites and web apps in a very short time. However, the framework is not easy to use and one must have knowledge about Python, web, server, client, websites, etc. to use it for developing web apps and websites. So, if you are an aspiring Django developer then here is a guide that you can follow to become an expert in using this phenomenal python framework.


All the web pages on the internet are made using HTML and CSS. Thus you must learn how to build web pages and websites using HTML and CSS before starting your journey to use and work with Django. You can learn about them by searching about them on the internet or by enrolling in an online training course. However, you don’t have to become a master in both HTML and CSS to work with the framework. You only have to know how both of them work and how they interact with each other and you are done. So, do master the basics of HTML/CSS before learning to use Django.

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Learn About World Wide Web:

The next thing that you must learn to work with Django is the fundamentals of the World Wide Web. Learn the basics of the World Wide Web, how it works, what is a server/client, how to publish your website on the web, etc. To learn all this, you can search about these topics on the internet or simply enroll yourself in a web development training program to learn about websites and the web in-depth.

Learn Python:

Django framework was developed using Python thus you must know at least the basics of Python to work with it without any issue or problem. You should know what Python is, how to install packages (Python packages), how to use a virtual environment, how to import and work with different classes of Python, etc. So, make sure you learn about Python in detail before working with Django.

Learn About Databases:

To develop the backend of a website using Django, you must know about databases like SQL, Oracle, etc. You must know how these databases work, how to design a database, how to use them with different frameworks, etc. Why it is important? It is important because a database is a very important part of the website and if you want to develop the backend of a website using Django then you must have at least basic knowledge about databases.

Learn About Git:        

Git is a very popular version control system that programmers/developers use for sharing source code with their team members, tracking changes in source code, etc. in the development stage of software. Thus, you must know how to use it if you want to become a good developer. You should know what it is, how it works, what is a repository, how to push or pull code, how to commit changes to Git, etc. So, do learn about Git in detail it will help you a lot in your work and make your work easier.

Learn About Django:

Finally, the last thing that you must do to master Django is to learn about the framework in-depth. Learn about the basics of Django, how it works, how you can use it for frontend and backend development, etc. To do this you can enroll yourself in the Django training program, read books about Django, or go through Django tutorials on YouTube.

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Django is a phenomenal framework that allows a developer to easily develop high-quality web apps. Additionally, it can be used for developing both frontend and backend of website/Web app which makes the work of a developer easier. Overall, it is a fantastic Python framework that can be very helpful for a developer. So, if you are an aspiring Django developer then make sure you follow all the instructions of this guide to become a competent Django developer.

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