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What is C Programming Language, Facts and Features

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what is c programming

In today’s post, we will learn what is C language i.e. C programming language. Whenever you step into the field of computers i.e. in the field of programming, first of all, you are taught C language or in any professional course such as BCA, B.Sc(IT), MCA, etc. you will first have to do C programming. language to be read.

Do you know what is C programming language is and why it is asked to read it first? In this post, we will learn about this thing. In this blog, all the tutorials of the C programming language along with the programs will be told in full detail, which will be of great help to beginners (who have started in the computer field) and professionals.

C programming language-C++ Programming Course is a procedural and structured programming language. The Hindi meaning of Procedural is “Procedural” which means in a way or according to a process.

What is Procedural Language?

In other words, it is a type of computer programming language that provides such a process/procedure so that any program can be written in a good way. Well-written steps are called well-structured steps and for this reason, it is also called Structured programming language.

Features of C Language – Properties of C Programming Language

There are many properties of the C programming language, out of which we are mentioning some of them here.

  • Easy to learn: The syntax of the C programming language is very easy and has very clear syntax, which makes it very easy to learn this language like a small child is taught alphabets (A – Z) one by one. So that he can later make a string or word, in the same way, every small and easy word has been used in this programming language so that it is easy for new people to learn. For this, you can join 
  • It is a robust language because it has many in-built functions and operators that provide an easy way to write any complex program.
  • It is a portable language, meaning that you can easily run the code written in this programming language without any change in any other machine.
  • The most main features of this language are extending features, meaning that many programming languages ​​have been created further using this programming language.
  • A-C program is made up of a collection of many functions which are supported by the C library. In this you can also create your own library i.e. user-defined library can also be created.
  • C language is generally used to develop the operating system.

Some important facts of C language – Important facts of C

C language was invented to develop the UNIX operating system.

The concept of C language is used in all the software that is made.

UNIX operating system is totally written in C programming language.

C language has been used to develop almost all programming languages, which means that all programming languages ​​have inherited the syntax of the C programming language.

Linux OS and RDBMS are written in the MYSQL C language.

C includes the features of both low-level language and high-level language, hence it is called Middle-Level Language.

Conclusion and Final Words

C language is the most basic language. If you want to enter the programming field of computer, then first you have to learn C language. If you learn another programming language without learning the C language. Then it can be a bit difficult for you because just as a child cannot make words without learning one character of alphabets. In the same way, you can without learning the C language. Can’t learn the programming language well.

Now it comes that some people say that you can learn another language without learning C language. Then you can guess from yourself that the way an uneducated person can speak something i.e. speak without reading it. And a person who is educated can also speak. The only difference between the two is that a person can speak in different ways according to each situation. Whereas an illiterate person can always talk in the same way.

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