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What is artificial intelligence in SEO?

by alfredharry
artificial intelligence in SEO

What is artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence (AI) has changed search forever. Users receive personalized search results based on their past behavior, devices, location, and hundreds of other factors. Search engines are getting better at understanding what users want. This technological evolution is also driving significant changes in search engine optimization (SEO). Artificial intelligence technology is capable of developing customized optimization strategies.

While the SEO techniques in services we’ve all learned still serve as the foundation for optimization, the changing competitive landscape makes the first page of results a priority. When we use AI to explore the relationship between search intent and content, the data paints a picture tailored to specific content landscapes. In other words, optimization strategies that work for one keyword family may not work as well for another keyword group.

Where is AI used?

AI for search engine optimization analyzes the relationships between websites, page content, and search engine rankings. The result is fast, actionable, and even automated tactics to stay ahead of the competition. Here’s how:

Identify opportunities.

Finding the right content topics is not just a science, but an art. Artificial intelligence identifies trending topics in your industry and spots competitive gaps in the market to suggest the most effective content topics.

Conversion optimization.

Not all traffic is created equal; only the right traffic leads to conversions. Whether you want users to place orders or simply leave an email address, artificial intelligence ensures that the page is optimized to meet business goals.

Updating content.

Most content pages are developed and published, then quickly forgotten. And while a page’s maturity can help it rank better in search results, dynamic optimization updates and link updates provided by artificial intelligence can leverage the link equity of mature content to help new pages rank faster.


The transition to using artificial intelligence for search engine optimization (SEO) opens up many opportunities for optimization, but to take advantage of all these algorithm changes, we will increasingly see a move toward search engine optimization (SEO) automation.

How will artificial intelligence search engine optimization change marketing teams?

The way we develop, optimize and publish content is changing rapidly. Over time, the trend toward using artificial intelligence for search engine optimization (SEO) will change the focus of marketing teams.

Content creation.

Content creators will increasingly develop content that responds to specific search opportunities and addresses competitive opportunities identified by artificial intelligence.

Optimization experts.

Search engine optimization (SEO) managers have a variety of technical and content responsibilities, but in the future, their role will increasingly focus on analytics and strategy.


Today, web hosting decisions are made in terms of speed, bandwidth and reliability, but hosting decisions will increasingly focus on providing content for individual optimization strategies.

As search evolves, so does search engine optimization. AI in search is changing the way websites are optimized for search. In an increasingly competitive environment where top rankings in search results are more important than ever, automated, data-driven publishing platforms optimized for organic search will take center stage.

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