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What is ActiveFresh Technology in fridges? And How it Will Keep 2x Freshness in Fruits and Vegetables?

by AyushiChoudhary

The fascination for hi-tech appliances is a distinctive quality in millennials. It is driven by the fact that they never lose out in any room for improvement. This bent makes them want to go for the latest model of a gadget they already own. The good thing is that there is always enough innovation in the tech industry to keep up with millennial needs. Like the boomers, millennials are not impressed by a refrigerator simply because it cools! The ActiveFresh Technology in a Whirlpool fridge manages to cut with millennials.


ActiveFresh Technology: What is it?


The new W range of Whirlpool refrigerators come with a 6th Sense Technology. This means that they use AI to understand the optimum temperature required to keep certain food fresh. It ensures uniform cooling throughout the fridge so that food items retain their pristine taste. ActiveFresh Technology is the term used for the mechanism that keeps fruits and vegetables fresh.


Clear Advantages of ActiveFresh Technology


There are three clear advantages of having ActiveFresh Technology in a double door fridge. Firstly, these Whirlpool fridges have a separate ActiveFresh area. This area is located at the bottom of the fridge, where we usually store fruits and vegetables. Having a separate zone for these edibles means that you get around 30-40L of space to sprawl them out. Secondly, ActiveFresh Technology makes sure that there is no mixture of food odour. This feature is amazing because it prevents apples from smelling like tomatoes. Due to the uniform distribution of temperature, there are no heat spots on the edibles. Hence, in no way can they leak onto each other.


The third advantage lies in having a separate zone, again. In triple door refrigerators, you can just open the ActiveFresh zone door. This feature prevents the rest of the fridge from coming in contact with outside air. Thus, there is less pressure on the microprocessors to readjust the temperature of the entire fridge. It might even increase the longevity of the compressors as there will be less pressure on them.


Other Advantages


In the Protton range of Whirlpool fridges, there are other advantages of ActiveFresh Technology. These fridges come with an adjustable knob that can customize the cooling temperature of certain food items like cakes, berries, and dairy products like butter and cheese. It is a great way to bypass the ‘one temperature fits all’ measure of the bygone era fridges. Gourmet items need cooling to a specific temperature, and these Whirlpool fridges let you pamper them.


There is also a note of assurance from the manufacturers that the ActiveFresh technology does not inflate your electricity bills. Their energy consumption can be compared to a 60-watt CFL bulb. If that is true, then these fridges are truly futuristic.


To add to the concern for edibles, the ActiveFresh technology does not cause any significant hike to your refrigerator budget. The 300L Protton range of triple door ActiveFresh fridges costs much lower than the 500L IntelliFresh ones. Lastly, choosing a strategic colour over a fancy one can further help your budget.


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