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Search engine optimization is a method of gradually and organically growing your audience through practices such as including the right and relevant information for your visitors on your website. Local SEO service providers sometimes use fake reviews, wrong images, and irrelevant links to different websites to fool visitors.

There are three types of SEO: white hat, grey hat, and black hat. In order to build their brand and website faster, some businesses use black hat SEO tactics, even in local SEO.

What is white Hat SEO?

White hat SEO is the body of approved search engine optimization tactics designed to increase a website’s position on a search engine results page (SERP). Search engine results that appear as a result of approved methods, rather than payment or trickery, are referred to as organic search results.

What does white hat SEO involve?

White hat SEO is a term used to describe SEO tactics that adhere to the guidelines and standards set out by search engines and users. It entails using methods to raise a website’s position in search results rather than slyly undermining the search engine’s algorithm.

What is Grey Hat SEO?

As you now know, grey hat (also known as grey hat SEO) is a search engine optimization technique that blends black hat and white hat SEO to raise a website’s exposure and search engine ranks. Grey hat SEO tactics are essentially just black hat SEO approaches that are disguised as white.

What does “grey hat” SEO involve?

Gray Hat SEO is a riskier form of SEO than White Hat SEO, but it also has the potential to get your website banned from search engines and the websites that link to them.

What is Black Hat SEO?

New businesses or websites are often in a hurry to build a position in the market. To do that, they start with SEO to attract organic traffic. However, sometimes they choose black hat SEO tactics and avoid web guidelines, which becomes the downfall of their website.

What does black hat SEO look like?

Examples of black hat SEO include spamming blog comments, hidden text, and cloaking. By using white hat SEO strategies, you may give users high-quality material that is precise, pertinent, and well-structured.

Black hat SEO: Does it work?

Black Hat SEO is still practised, continues to be quite successful, and is earning a lot of people money. The disadvantage is that it violates all moral standards, harms the reputations of companies, results in manual sanctions, and finally results in the blacklisting of thousands of websites.

Examples of Black Hat SEO Tactics

Here are some black-hat SEO techniques that you should always avoid at any cost:

Anchor Text

Anchor text is text to which you add internal links to your website’s other pages. It has different types, for example generic, exact-match, partial-match, naked link, images, etc.

When you use the same anchor text words that direct to the same link or to a link that has no relevance to the text you linked to, then it falls under black hat SEO tactics.

Alt Tags/Text

Alt tags are placed below the images you use on your blog or website. The alt text should contain approximately 125 characters and should be descriptive of what the image is about.

When you stuff keywords that don’t actually make sense in the sentence or use the same keyword in more than two images, it is called a “black hat” SEO tactic.

Spam or Wrong Comments

Another black hat SEO technique includes comment spam on any blog or website. SEO practitioners comment on their website links on other blogs.

Another way this technique is used in local SEO for small businesses is by buying comments and reviews on their GMB profiles to help gain potential customers’ trust.

Hidden Links and Characters

Some black hat SEO practitioners use JavaScript to hide links, hide keywords behind images, use the same colour text on the same background, link small characters like hyphens, use 0 text size, and so on.

Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing means using the same keywords over and over, using different variations in the same paragraph, etc. When you use tools like Yoast SEO, Ahrefs, or SEMRush, they show you how many keywords are enough to get website crawlers’ attention. More than the suggested number can ruin your SEO.

Plagiarized or Duplicate Content

Google, or any search engine, prefers original and high-quality content for a site to put on the front page. Some website owners or bloggers use plagiarized or duplicate content to avoid the work. This also falls under black hat SEO.

Using Keywords that are Not Related

Using relatable keywords is the key to making your content worthy of the first page of SERPs. Keywords are the most important part of any SEO practice.

Some people use keywords that have high search rates but are not related to their content. This can also be considered a click-bait for crawlers.

Why Avoid Black Hat SEO Techniques?

There are plenty of reasons to avoid black hat SEO. Some of them are given below:

  • When you stuff keywords on your blog, it affects its readability and sounds repetitive. This way, a visitor can get annoyed with the repetition and low-quality writing and won’t come back to your website.
  • Black hat SEO may give you fast results, but they don’t last long. The audience and web crawlers eventually notice your content, which leads to distrust of your brand.
  • Web crawlers notice every little detail on your website, including hidden links. If someone plans to fool the crawlers, they will get it back from the crawlers, resulting in their site getting banned or getting a low rank in the SERPs.
It comes under Digital Marketing

The use of digital channels to promote goods and services and contact consumers is referred to as “digital marketing.” Websites, mobile devices, social media, search engines, and other channels with a similar function are used in this kind of marketing. With the introduction of the internet in the 1990s, digital marketing gained popularity.

Digital marketing is frequently seen as a novel technique for businesses to interact with customers and comprehend their behaviour. It has some of the same ideas as traditional marketing. Traditional and digital marketing strategies are frequently combined by businesses.

Knowledge of digital marketing

Any actions taken by a business to advertise its goods and services and increase its market share are referred to as marketing. Successful marketing requires a blend of sales prowess, advertising acumen, and the capacity to deliver items to end customers. Specific specialists or marketers who can work domestically (for businesses) or outside with other marketing companies typically take on this task.


Unethical methods like black hat SEO or grey hat SEO may give your website traction for some time. But if you plan to stay in the market for a long time, then using these tactics is not a good idea.

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