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What can I do for the full Gmail Storage Limit?

by eleanorpeol
Gmail Storage Limit

Google gives 15 GB of digital storage for free to its users. This storage includes everything in Google Drive, Gmail, and other uncompressed images which are available in the Photos. Although this is a lot of free space when you completely indulge yourself in Google products then, it will fill up very soon. In case, if you are the one who is troubled with the full Gmail storage Limit then, you are at the right place. We will discuss the exact steps to deal with this storage limit issue.

Full Gmail Storage Limit

Method 1- Buy More Storage Space for Gmail Account

To check the current storage status, you will have to go to the Google Account and for that-

  • Login to Google your account from
  • Scroll down to Account Settings from the Home tab and click on the Manage Storage link
  • Now, you will be on the next page of the account and can check space that is covered by every Google Apps
  • For buying more storage space in the Gmail account, scroll down to the below section and preview the plans
  • After that, choose the plan which you wish to buy and after taking decision for the same then, follow the purchase prompts that appear on the screen

But there are some users who don’t want to pay for extra storage as they find it not a reasonable solution. In such a case, you can make some space in your account by following a few methods.

Method 2- Delete Large Attachment Files

To deal with full Gmail storage Limit, users can remove the inappropriate files accordingly. In the Gmail search box, it is simple to find them in the appropriate file that should be deleted. It is well known that Gmail provides a 25 MB of attachment size limit. So by using this way, the users can free up the space of full Gmail storage space and get more space in it.

Well, it is not simple to find the file from thousands of mail as they use a command attachment size. Then all of the mails which have a 10 MB larger attachment size will appear on the screen. From there, you can choose to delete the preferred data accordingly.

Note: When you are all set with the removal of these files then, keep in mind to remove the same files from the Trash folder. This procedure is to enhance the Gmail storage space.

Method 3- Delete Old Emails

Gmail comes with a search feature that makes it simple for the users to find the old and unwanted emails from the account. You should remove these messages to increase the size of full Gmail storage space. If the user enters older than 2 years then, all of the old emails will have appeared on the screen which is old. There, simply choose all and select the Trash option to free up the Gmail storage space.

Method 4- Delete Email by Size

Users have the facility to search their email through the size by sorting it. Else, the user can enter a larger 5m and the email more than 5MB will appear in the sequence. In addition, if someone uses their Gmail to deal with high-resolution images or PDFs then, they will come across more emails matching them.

Let’s Wrap Up-

As all Gmail users know that, Google offers 15 GB of free space to keep the data stored safely. This space not only includes email but also keeps Google Drive Files, photos secured. In case, of full Gmail storage space, it is advisable to delete the duplicate photos and large files if not required and enjoy a fast and flawless service of Gmail.

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