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What are the steps to get BEE certification in India?

by surajrajwanshi99
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BEE certification is the process of getting star rating for your electrical appliances in India. It’s a way to tell the customer how much electricity does your appliance consume. In order to obtain it, you need to go through a specific process. It’s that process that we will discuss in this blog.

Star rating for products is not something people are rushing towards anymore; but they should. The prospect of BEE certificate registration gives you two powers:

  • Power to influence your customers by showing off the efficiency of your product.
  • Power to establish your brand and uplift it in the eyes of government bodies.

If you’re able to influence your customers, you can retain them. It can then create a snowball of growth for that will keep inflating as long as you want.

If government sees you as a compliant individual, it will make sure that your business is able to grow by providing you several facilities.

Thus, you shouldn’t ignore BEE certification process. In fact, through this article, you should know the answer to what are the steps to get BEE certificate registration in India.

There are two stages of BEE certification process

The BEE registration process or the process to get star rating for your product has two stages:

  1. Brand Level Certification: it’s the brand level registration. It covers an entire brand and let’s your brand be considered for star rating.
  2. BEE Model registration: After your brand is registered, the model gets BEE Model registration which is the same as getting a star rating for your product.

The two stages of certification involve similar steps that are as follows:

  • Get the test report of your appliance to see its electrical consumption.
  • File the online application of BEE certification.
  • Along with the application, file the required certificates. They are different at both levels. We will discuss about it in later section.
  • Once the online application is submitted, send the offline version of the same application along with the documents and a sample of the product to the Bureau of Energy Efficiency.
  • IF Bureau will test the product on their own end.
  • If the product fits the criteria, you’ll obtain the BEE certification in India.

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Documents required at the time of application submission

Following are the required documents for brand registration under BEE:

  • Trademark registration certificate
  • Details of manufacturing facility
  • SSL certificate
  • BIS certificate
  • Product samples

Following are the required documents during model registration

  • Cover letter
  • Test report of the product
  • Declaration letter
  • Specimen of the model for star rating
  • Agreement


What is BEE certification? It’s a simple way to find out whether or not your product is consumer friendly. If it is, then consumer will be attracted, and the government will be more responsive to your needs. If it’s not, that means you have to make changes in your product to make it more efficient. So, if you want to make your product seem more like an investment than a useless expense, reach out to Registrationwala.

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