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What are the Best UX Tips to Benefit SEO Practices?

by sudotech
UX Tips to Benefit SEO

User experience (UX) and search engine optimisation (SEO) make a great pair. However, they are complete on their own when together, they become even better partners.

We will find out how UX and SEO together can make an excellent company on this blog.

  1. Work on SEO-Friendly Designs

Design is an essential factor when it comes to creating an impression in the minds of your audience. It is the first thing that your audience sees, and if you fail to impress them, it can cost you dearly. So, be very careful about your design elements. Design plays a vital role in improving your user experience and SEO. The best way to blend these two aspects is to create an SEO and user-friendly experience.

UX Tips to Benefit SEO

But, how to make your design SEO-friendly?

Make your website easy to crawl for your search engines. Search engines will not be able to index your site if they cannot crawl it. Thus, you will not be found by your target audience in relevant search result pages when they look for your products and services.

Optimise your title tags to make crawling for search engines easier. This helps make your pages contextual and meaningful and guides Google or other search engines in understanding the information on your website.

Additionally, creating simple navigation is another way to create an SEO-friendly design. Your navigation should be self-explanatory and also work smoothly to make it easy for search engines to crawl through your webpages and site and index your content.

  1. Add Calls to Action Buttons

Call to action (CTA) buttons can help you keep your audience on your page for a longer time. Use them intelligently to engage your audience and provide them with a better experience.

A strategically used CTAs can also guide your audience to the next step. People many times do not understand how to browse through for more information. Then CTAs can help them take the next step. This way, you can keep them engaged on your webpage or website for a longer time, further boosting your SEO. Make sure to design the buttons in a way that they can be visible instantly to the users while browsing.

  1. Add Image Tags

Image tags are essential features to increase the readability of your websites. If your pages fail to load your images, it will look like a giant white space, and your audience may find it frustrating. They don’t know what was supposed to be on the white space.

Image tags help your audience with details about your image and information about the image of what it was supposed to be. This gives them the experience of an image being there, even if it fails to load. Your audience may not be able to see how it looks but can imagine how it would appear and associate with the content of your page.

Tags are also essential for search engines to help them read your images. Texts on images are not readable. Google or any other search engine will not be able to read it. It will fail to understand your image content, and further fail to index any information from it.

This helps your site perform better in the search engine result pages and makes your images searchable on them. And above all, your audience has a positive experience on your website.

  1. Create Good Content

Content is amongst the most influencing elements of SEO. It plays the most vital role in boosting your website’s ranking, helping you find more visibility and leads. It also creates a fulfilling experience for your audience on your site.

When we discuss website content, it includes everything from images, videos, blogs, infographics, animations, forums, articles and not just text. It is always a great idea to publish various types of content on your website to increase audiences’ interest and engagement.

An experienced SEO company knows that how good content is beneficial for your SEO campaign as it is crucial to bring more traffic to your page. Make sure you do not use inappropriate or wrong information. Whatever you publish should be relevant and reliable; otherwise, you will lose your audience soon. Posting fresh, informative and relevant content is beneficial for your UX and is a great way to boost your site’s SEO.

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