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What are the Basic Fundamentals of Mobile Game Designing?

by Glownight Games
What are the Basic Fundamentals of Mobile Game Designing?
Today gamification is everywhere in the tech industry, education, innovation industry. Hence the competitive mobile game market is vast and people spend tremendous amounts of time and money on their game app business. Setting up games with clear goals helps to focus your efforts and improve the ultimate outcomes as well.

Suppose you are planning to build your first mobile game and already have a good idea. We understand developing a mobile game is more than just having an excellent idea and skills to code it.

Here are the things you need to concern about are:

  • Think about the gameplay.
  • Set your target audience.
  • Decide what exactly you need to build.

If we talk about game design it’s not that easy as people think so. There are many factors you need to consider as the time of game designing:

  • Level design
  • Game Mechanics
  • Enemy Design
In This Blog We Will Discuss the Essential Fundamentals of Mobile Game Development Services That Make Mobile Game Design a Lot Easier and Faster:

Mobile Game Development Services

Keep It Simple:

Before converting your game idea into reality you need to initiate the work by jotting it down on paper. So always prepare your basic plan before trying to make a mobile game like you create a blueprint first before building a house. Create a simple task list with everything you need to do like a document outlining all the important details for project.

Document Your Idea:

The document is important for outlining every aspect of the game application. Prepare a blueprint for the team to follow for developing your game app. Think out of the box and find the right way to document your idea and the more you work through the details, the better your project will be.

Build A Core Game Mechanic:

One of the best ways to understand game design is by studying other games. After you are done with the documentation, the next important thing is to play games and here we mean a lot of games.

Play different games, taking them apart, and figure out what makes them tick. The more you study, the more you come to know that even the big-budget titles are built keeping in mind the gameplay mechanics.

Always keep a note of all the games you play and even the ones you just see online. As they say pen down your ideas about what you like and what you don’t. You can also take include screenshots of art styles you like and copy links to any collateral information on games that will help you with your ideas later. You never know how a game will inspire you, so it’s important to be as detailed as you can.

You might think it’s a lot of work, but it is an essential tool you will ever have for finding inspiration and avoiding common pitfalls.

Game Designers 

On the flip side of the coin, there are many people involved in developing one game who handle different departments and they have job titles like, multi-player designers, online game designers, concept artists, and creative directors.

Before diving into it. It’s important to know about video app development, as we will use the app for video game design and it comprises a lot of parts. Such as graphics, sound, characters, content, programming, and more. By combining all the factors, you will get a fantastic product.

The Following Parts Will Help You to Understand the Above Information in a Better Way:
  • The Artist
  • Play Tester
  • The Publisher
  • The Musician
  • The Producer
  • The Designer
  • The Programmer

Player ready

After completing all the above steps, it’s time to build your mobile game application. The next process is to register as a game app developer for your choice of an app store like Google Play or Apple iTunes. Then you should download any needed SDKs.

Reward the Game Player:

As humans, we love to get praised and appreciated and that is why it’s important for games to must have a way of rewarding players so that they excitedly play all the levels and simultaneously avail themselves endless rewards.

Get the Feedback:

This is important as the purpose of the documentation process is to share your idea with others and get feedback so that you can confidently start working on the mobile game designing project.

Keep learning:

  • Not only developing but also consider tasting through game design experts.
  • For bug-free game app, keep up with QA’s evolution
  • Practice the best performance engineering techniques for your game app development.
  • Equip your app Application Security and Software Test Automation Tools.

Mobile Game Development Company


Although the above we have covered would help the designer craft an experience gamers would fall for.

Above are the essential steps to consider before developing the game app user interface. Many other outstanding mobile game design principles will help you make game designs that people just love.

The above mentions process would help the designer craft an experience gamers would fall for. For more detail, Glownight Games Studio is a leading Unity Game Development Company that develops and delivers advanced 2D, 3D, isometric, and visually appealing games in Cocos-2DX, HTML5, PhoneGap, Starling, Unity, and much more.

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