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What are the Advantages Of Having A 3d Art Studio?

by digitalshockgame

It seems that everybody wants an interactive 3d Art Studio web experience these days. Would you like to know how to outsource your own multimedia projects so they can be posted to sites such as where thousands of new videos are posted daily? Multimedia presentations are definitely an effective way to present your companies products and services.

outsource audio

Unless you are a multimedia expert yourself, you will probably want to consider learning how to outsource audio, video and multimedia work to experts in this field. The state of the art technology used by an outsource service will set you apart from your competitors and give the finished product a polished look. After all, you want a professional looking product if you are hoping to increase your share of the market.


How to Outsource Audio, Video and Multimedia

In order for the project to be successful you need to be skilled in 3 very important arts:

  1. Project Planning
  2. Project Management
  3. Communication

Project Planning

You would not set off on a car journey without a clear idea of how to reach your destination. The same adage is true when you are learning how to outsource and wishing to get the most from outsources services.

Your project planning road map will detail your goals and objectives, time-lines, costing and what to do in the case of unforeseen problems in the project.

comprehensive project

It is vital that you do this comprehensive project planning exercise prior to project commencement otherwise you are leaving yourself open to potential disasters. This is one of the most common pitfalls when learning how to outsource.


Once you have established the scope and direction that the project is going to take, you can then hire a freelancer to put your ideas into practice. But do not just hire the first name you come across. Search the web for somebody with a portfolio of similar, successfully completed projects.

learning how to outsource

Now you have taken your first few steps in your “learning how to outsource” journey, and you have selected the perfect provider, how can you be sure that the project stays on track? That is where the art of project management comes into play.

Project Management

Successful project management is all about communication. The ability to give clear and precise instructions to the freelancer is of paramount importance. After all they do not have a crystal ball! Unless you can explain your requirements, how can you possibly expect somebody to execute them?

Important Factor

An important factor to take into consideration when discovering how to outsource audio / video and multimedia, is that it is an art form. And as such the “artist” who is doing the work will have their own individual ideas. 

Try not to dismiss these ideas out of hand and, if for some reason you really disagree with a suggestion, explain the reason why. You need to build up a good reputation with your freelancer otherwise your project is not going to run successfully, you will discover this more and more in your journey of learning how to outsource effectively.


You will obviously want regular progress updates so it is a good idea to set up a regular communication schedule. You might decide that once a week is sufficient but once you have set the schedule, stick to it.

Taking the time to communicate with your freelancer can make the difference between success and failure of any project.

Remember, the 3 key elements of learning how to outsource, that go into any successful project is Project Planning, Project Management and excellent communication skills.

It’s yours and no one else’s

One of the best things about having a home art studio is that it’s your own space. If you’re living with other people, it’s important to establish that it’s your working space. Whether you live with others or by yourself, a home art studio is a place where you can be creative and productive. 


This is your place where you can shut yourself off from the outside world and churn out lots of good work. You may be lucky to have an entire room as your home art studio, but even if you have to make do with part of a room as your studio, it’s still space that’s yours and yours alone.

It’s cheap

Having a home art studio means you don’t have to fork out money regularly to rent a studio outside of your home. Lots of artists enjoy having their working space away from home so they rent studio space, but obviously it’s a lot cheaper to just have your working space at home so you don’t have to worry about renting out studio space, as well as potentially paying for transport. If you don’t mind working from home, having a home art studio will save you a lot of money in the long run.

It’s accessible

Your work space is there whenever you want to use it. Whenever you feel like getting some work done, no matter what time of day it is, you can settle down in your studio and crack on. If your studio space is somewhere away from home, you might not be able to access it that easily. Most artist studios will be open 24/7, but depending on how far away from home it is, there’s the issue of getting there to consider, and getting there can take time. Having a home art studio could save you a lot of time.


It can help your schedule

If you work away from home, you have to factor in the time it takes getting there. With a home art studio, you don’t. Having no time spent travelling means you’ve got more time to yourself. Let’s say you rented a studio somewhere 30 minutes from home and you go there three times a week. Switch to a home studio and you’re saving 3 hours a week. Those 3 hours could be spent getting more work done or doing chores around the house. Not only can having a home studio free up more time, it can also help with your schedule because you can work whenever you want to.


Here are eight consumer tips to help you make a more informed decision before starting at any martial arts studio:

  1. Belt Rank Isn’t Everything. Just because an instructor is a high ranking black belt doesn’t automatically mean they’re a good instructor. What’s important is if they can help you reach your goals and teach you what you want to learn.
  2. Size of Studio. Quality of instruction can vary from studio to studio no matter its size or what they teach. A larger studio may have more convenient hours, but may not offer you the personalized instruction you’re looking for that a smaller studio may provide.
  3. Watch a Class. Don’t overlook this step. This will tell you more about the studio than anything – especially when you show up unannounced. Most public studios welcome walk-ins.
  4. Visit Several Studios. Just because a studio is close, doesn’t make it the best place for you train. Wouldn’t you rather train at a place Five or ten minutes further away if it better matched your needs? Visit at least three places before deciding just to be sure.
  5. Talk to Students. Students will tell all. They will tell you what to expect and why they decided to train there. This may help you make a better, more informed appraisal of the studio and its instructors.
  6. Read the Fine Print. Not all studios require a contract, but if they do, pay particular attention to the terms of any contract and make sure you fully understand your rights before signing on the dotted line.
  7. Ask Questions. Don’t be worried that you will offend the instructor because you look for clarification. If an instructor or studio owner doesn’t answer your questions to your satisfaction, then maybe you should move on to the next studio.
  8. Try Before You Buy. If the studio you’re interested in offers a trial program, it is recommended you take it. This will tell you a lot about how you will be taught and what you can expect from the studio.

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