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Wellness Through Food: A Guide to Creating a More Joyful Lifestyle

by mohitbansal01
Mohit Bansal Chandigarh
Isn’t it true that when you eat a warm cupcake, drink hot cocoa, or eat a spoonful of your favorite food, you feel happy? The best people to be with are always those who enjoy their food.” These words, which were said by the American cook and author Julia Child, show how people feel who like to try new foods and eat a lot of different kinds of dishes. But why is it that just thinking about food makes us shriek with joy? As soon as you let yourself think about eating that cheeseburger or drinking that creamy cappuccino with ice cream in it, your mood is sure to get better. Is there a reason for this, or are we giving too much weight to things that seem to happen at random? What is it about our favorite meals that always makes us want to party? Mohit Bansal Chandigarh is an expert on nutrition and food, so we talked to him about this to learn more. So, let’s not waste any more time and get straight to the point.

The Relationship Between Food And Happiness

The pleasures of preparing and eating food, as well as the chemical changes that happen in the brain when you eat certain foods, all contribute to your overall happiness. A lot of people’s lives are ruined by their relationship with food, but if we turn that around and use it to our advantage, we might be able to use food to make us feel better. Eating is one of life’s greatest sensual pleasures. Biting into a juicy steak or a delicious bowl of ice cream can be a real treat and make you feel like life is worth living. One of the most sensual things to do in life is to eat. Food affects the pleasure and reward centers in our brains in the same way that drugs do. This means that people can have the same kinds of problems with food as they do with drugs. Research done with both inmates and schoolchildren (but not at the same time!) shows that a diet that doesn’t cause mood swings and has more fresh fruits and vegetables can make a big difference in how a person acts. This study found that eating a diet that doesn’t make your mood go up and down and has more fresh fruit and vegetables makes you feel better. Jamie Oliver found that when he told kids to eat healthier foods, their behavior in school changed in a big way. If it works for kids, it might work for their parents, too. The only difference is that the adults will have to learn how to cook.

How Cooking Can Elevate Your Mood Levels

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Like a lot of other things, cooking can bring a lot of happiness. When I’ve had a hard day working on websites, I find it very relaxing to chop up some vegetables and turn them into something tasty. Not once, but twice, I get to eat at the feast! Too many people in the world today choose ready-made meals and takeout because they think they don’t have time to cook their own food. However, by doing this, they are giving up something very valuable. Even though cooking is easy, many people are afraid to do it. We now have a generation of people whose parents didn’t really cook, so they don’t think they can either. We have a group of people whose parents didn’t really cook. Cooking is done by people who have been trained to do it in another place. Sad to say, most of the ready-made and takeout food isn’t very good. They are usually made with cheap ingredients and are meant to last a long time, but they don’t taste as good as something that was made at home with care. When you make a meal from a ready-made package, you end up with a lot of plastic packaging that you have to throw away. When you make a meal from scratch, you have the vegetable peels left over. These peels are great for making compost.

6 How to Handle Stress-Eating Food To Always Keep You Happy

Green Tea

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People all over the world agree that green tea is one of the healthiest drinks you can buy. Your physical health and your mental state will both get better as a result. Research shows that people who drink three to five cups of green tea every day have stress levels that are 20 percent lower than those who don’t drink green tea regularly. This result was not affected by things like age, gender, race, or health in general. You can add green tea to your diet in a number of ways, such as by letting it steep in your smoothies or curries.

Raw Walnuts

Raw walnuts are a great source of magnesium. Magnesium is a mineral that has been linked to relaxing effects. Several studies show that eating foods high in magnesium can help a lot with stress and anxiety. So, you should add walnuts to your diet, either as a part of other meals or as a snack on their own. Walnuts in their natural form have a lot of phosphorus and can fight free radicals very well. This nut has a low amount of carbs, which helps people with diabetes keep their blood sugar levels in check.

Dark Chocolate

One of the many health benefits of dark chocolate is that it can help people who are sad or depressed feel better. Dark chocolate’s antioxidants can be very helpful in lowering the number of stress hormones in your body, which can ultimately make you feel happier.


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When you see a cup full of bright berries, you can’t help but smile. But it is also the perfect snack for the happy diet you are on. An anti-inflammatory compound called anthocyanin, which is found in berries, can help reduce inflammation, which is linked to depression, according to research.


Most people don’t think of quinoa as something that makes them smile right away, but trust us when we say that this “wonder food” has a lot of benefits for your mental health. Quinoa is a good choice because it has a lot of flavonoids, which is known to help people feel better.

How to Handle Stress-Eating

Mohit Bansal Chandigarh says that if you do something indulgent that you didn’t plan on, you should first be AWARE of how you are feeling at that moment. You can get rid of these unwanted urges by doing one or all of the following things.
  1. Write down the thoughts and feelings that are making you feel stressed. Then, think about all the happy, warm memories from the past that make you feel better and will help you relax in the here and now. Let yourself think about the good times along with how you’re feeling right now. Right away, you will feel how relaxing it is.
  2. Play some music that makes you feel good.
  3. Listen to some music that makes you want to move.
At the end of the day, the only thing that makes us truly happy is simple joy and contentment. Now, let’s check to see if we’re doing this the right way.

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