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Ways to Create High Quality Backlinks

by articleblade

What is Link building?

Link building is creating links from various websites, and sources. Also, Link building helps to boost website rankings on search engines. Now all, can’t rank any web pages on the search result pages ( For example, Google, Bing). So, if you are a beginner in SEO, must have known about link building. So, there are many techniques that most people follow to build links on their websites. Let’s get started on how SEO beginners can create high-quality backlinks.


What are dofollow and nofollow backlinks?

Dofollow Backlinks

Dofollow backlinks are the most powerful backlinks that are involved in the SEO factor. When the links are referred to as dofolllow, which means the search engines may follow that link. So the search engines will give higher priority to the rankings that dofolllow linked pages than other webpages.

The below element shows Dofollow link:

<a href=”dofolllow”> </a>

Nofollow Backlinks

There is no use with no follow link. Search engines will not follow the nofollow linked pages. It doesn’t improve the growth of the rankings on the search engine. Though, having many nofollow backlinks from higher authority domains is beneficial.

The below snippet represents the nofollow link:

<a href=”nofollow”><a/>

How to Create High Qulaity Powerful Backlinks

1. Writing Quality and Useful Posts

It is the natural way to get quality backlinks. So, always try to write high-quality Useful articles from which you can get backlinks from others. If the post is high quality, original and useful, your post can get a dofolllow backlink.

2. Social Media Linking

Creating accounts on the various social media platforms by linking your domain address is another way to get quality backlinks. Social media link building gives high authority to your visitors. Not only that, you can reach more people on site via social media platforms. When creating profile backlinks, write more about your site & brand. It will be helpful for the users to know who you are.

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3. Link Exchange

Backlink exchange is the traditional way that SEO beginners follow. Exchanging limited backlinks is goodnigh for small websites growth. But, don’t exchange too many backlinks that may lead to your website being down on the search engine. Most search engines easily will find unnatural backlinks that are not relevant to the content. Always be in mind when exchanging backlinks, instruct your exchanger to give the backlink on the relevant post that suits the link. Also, don’t exchange the above 2 dofolllow backlinks from the same domain.

4. Guest Post

Guest Post Submission is the best way to create quality backlinks. But, you have to find the sites that are accepting guest posts. It is not big deal, search it on google/bing like “write for us” or “guest Post” after your category query. You will get the result of web pages that accepts guest posts. Next, submit your post on those sites to get high-quality backlinks.

Need to Beware When Creating Backlinks

1. Don’t create backlinks on low-domain authority sites. Because there is no use from those sites.
2. Don’t ever add or create backlinks on spam sites. If you create too many backlinks on spam sites, it will affect your entire site.
3. Create backlinks on the relevant post rather than adding the link mismatch content.

When the backlinks Will Start to Work in the SEO?

Backlinks start working when the link given post is indexed by the search engine. You can see that post will be ranked on the search engine on the next crawl/reindexed by the search engine.
Hoping, this pitch-related backlink will be helpful for you all. Backlinks are the main factor in the search engines ranking pages.

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