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Ways to create a logo

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Every entrepreneur sooner or later comes to the need to develop a company logo. This usually means that your business has overcome the first difficulties, and now it needs to gain a stronger foothold in the market.

To do this, you need to send letters to customers, conduct promotions, declare yourself to a wide audience. However, both a commercial offer and a flyer without a company logo will look faded and inexpressive. You and your message will simply not be noticed among others, because visual perception is primary. And in a competitive environment, being faceless is the same as not being at all.

So, it’s time to start making a logo. It is important to remember that a successful brand name will tell about your business more than a thousand words. And the unsuccessful one will expose you as an amateur and alienate buyers. Therefore, we will approach the task responsibly and consider options for how to make a company logo as economically as possible. One of the best options is to use the online Turbologo constructor.

Logo – the original style of the full or abbreviated name of an organization, company, etc. They appeared in order to distinguish one or another firm. The consumer believes that if an organization has a logo – this is a guarantee of quality, companies without a logo cause great doubts.

The logo is the basic element on the basis of which the entire corporate identity of the company is built. The fonts used in the logo become an important part of the design, promotional materials, documentation, packaging and labeling. The color scheme of the logo is used not only in printed materials, but literally everywhere – from the design of industrial buildings and office buildings to corporate clothing for employees. And sometimes, the very outlines of the logo are played up in other elements of corporate identity, in advertising, as well as in criticism of the company by competitors in a variety of ways – from artistic abstractions to comical caricatures.

Where does logo development begin?

It is unlikely that your business is so unique that it has no competitors. Therefore, first of all, we study their attributes and draw conclusions.

Open the search page and look for companies that operate in the same niche in your area. Go to their websites and analyze the brand names. Ask yourself what they have in common and what makes the most interesting ones stand out.

Creating a logo should take into account the strengths and weaknesses of the visual image of competitors. Ideally, your logo should be more original and memorable.

Fill out the brief for yourself

In a professional studio, a client is offered a brief not only to take into account his wishes when creating sketches.

Detailed answers help to correctly determine the audience, the desired style, and lay the right target message. Then the development of the company logo has the maximum effect. This is called marketing research.

But in our case, you have to do everything yourself. No need to come up with questions, take them on the website of one of the design companies. By answering the questions of the brief, you will better understand what you expect from your brand name, what colors you would like to see it in and what meaning it should carry. Now let’s move on to the logo design process. To do this, you will have to choose one of the following methods.

Making a logo without an emblem

This is the easiest option for a person who does not have the skills of a designer and for some reason cannot order a logo from specialists. In this case, the text of the name of your company acts as a brand name.

By the way, this option is quite popular among world brands. Trademarks of electronics manufacturers Nikon, Canon and Sony are remembered by the world due to the stylish style of their names.

Try playing around with fonts, choosing the one that best suits your business style. The main thing is to avoid overly pretentious handwritten fonts with an abundance of decorations.

Choose from simple classic options. Then the production of the logo will be effective.

It is worth noting that the selection of fonts is an activity that requires artistic taste and certain skills. Without this, your chances of successfully solving the problem are slim.

Finding Free Templates

You can find ready-made logo models in free online storages and stocks. You simply enter a topic and the system will show you the most suitable options. At first glance, this is a real way out. But there are nuances.

Hundreds of other people besides you could use the image you liked. The saddest thing is that they most likely work in the same field as you. Do you want an experiment?

Open the “images” tab in the search engine and check the appropriate template for uniqueness. The result will show how many users have already used this logo when they needed to make a company logo. Usually there are dozens or even hundreds of companies.

The next disadvantage of a free template is the need to independently modify it for yourself. You need to correct the picture or add the name of the company. And this, as it turns out, is not easy!

Firstly, an EPS graphic file can only be opened and edited in programs of the Adobe family. At a minimum, you will have to install the Adobe Illustrator application and learn how to work in it. At least at the initial level.

If you’re willing to take the time, good luck. If not, we are looking for other options on how to make a logo with less effort.

Today, this is an option actively promoted on the Internet for those who want the production of a logo to go without much expense and hassle.

The technology is simple. On the service, you need to specify the specifics of the company, the color scheme, enter the name, and also select several of the offered cliparts. They will become the emblem of your business.

As a result, the system automatically creates a logo based on the specified parameters. From the many options, choose the one that seems most suitable to you, make a payment and get a ready-made layout in the desired graphic format.

The cost is from one to several thousand rubles. The time spent is no more than 10 minutes.

That’s all! We hope our tips will help you create the perfect logo!


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