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Ways to Boost Your Amazon Sales Rank Quickly

by Mathew Johnson

It is crucial to rank high in Amazon’s search results when you sell on Amazon. Buyers won’t spend hours searching through search results page after page to find the product they are looking for.


Some products may not make it past the first three to four pages. To be successful, your product must rank on the first page. As your product gains more traction, you will naturally rise in the rankings.


If you are launching a product or you have cash strapped in inventory, there is no time to wait. It is essential to quickly know how to rank products on amazon.

Use FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon)

FBA is an excellent option if you need to increase your Amazon sales rank quickly. FBA is a time-saving option that doesn’t require you to compare 3PLs or set up a warehouse. All you have to do is prepare your stock and send it to an Amazon Fulfilment Centre. Your listings will be eligible to receive Prime.


This will have a significant impact on your sales ranking both directly and indirectly. It is believed that Amazon favors listings that qualify for prime.


Being eligible will give you a boost in sales rankings. You will also be able to build your sales history. Amazon sellers filter their search results to show Prime-eligible listings.


You will be more visible and have a greater chance of closing the sale by wearing the badge. This is a great way to improve your sales ranking.

Keyword optimization

Although you can accomplish almost every step of this article, if potential buyers are unable to find your product, it’s a problem. First, ensure that your listing contains all the keywords buyers use to find your product. 


You should do your keyword research differently if you want to increase your Amazon sales rank. Instead of starting with just a few keywords, use a reverse ASIN tool. This will give you the keywords your competitors rank for. Find the five top-selling listings for your product, and then run them through the reverse ASIN Tool.


Take a look at the results and select the keywords with high traffic. These keywords should be included in the title, bullets, and description of your listing. You can also pick out keywords with medium traffic and add them to your backend keywords.


This process should be repeated regularly to ensure that your listing is always up-to-date and to avoid missing high-traffic keywords.

Reduce your price

It may be worthwhile to lower your price if you want to improve your rank for a highly competitive product. Your listing should have the lowest price, so it will make your product more appealing. Particularly if you don’t have a lot of feedback or product reviews. 


This does not mean that you will make a lower profit in the short-term. To boost their long-term sales rankings, larger sellers might even be willing to take a slight loss in the short term.


Many will have a huge selling product that they can offset against. As your product’s sales rank increases, you will see a demand for your product.


This is especially true if your listing qualifies for Prime, has received a regular share from the Buy Box, and has many product reviews. You should be able to price your product higher than the competition with this combination.


This process can be made much easier by an automated repricing tool. You can adjust the price based on what your competitors have done. You could also create a rule to price your product at a certain level below other sellers.

Raise your PPC bids

Although this step may seem counterintuitive, it can help you increase your organic rank quickly. For example, if your product appears on page seven in Amazon’s search results it can be difficult to sell. You can increase your chances of appearing prominently on page 1 by raising your bids for Sponsored Products ads or Sponsored brands ads.


This will result in far more sales than if your organic sales rank is all that matters. These sales are vital. These sales can satisfy many aspects that are considered to be part of Amazon’s algorithm.


This will increase traffic to your listings and help you build sales history. These factors should all help you improve your search ranking.

Generate positive feedback

Most Amazon sellers believe that feedback is a major factor in Amazon’s search algorithm. Your feedback should not be negative. You won’t rank well. If your products receive a lot of positive feedback, you will be seen positively.


If you want to be at the top of Amazon’s sales charts, positive feedback is essential. Negative feedback should be avoided. Negative feedback can be a major problem and will often outweigh the positive ones.


You can use feedback tools to generate positive feedback from customers. You can create a set of rules to ensure that you only request feedback from customers in positive circumstances.


You might limit your requests for feedback to products with a rating of four or five stars. You can also blacklist customers who have left negative feedback and not ask about complaints.

Final Thoughts

If you want to increase your Amazon sales rank quickly, you should tackle all parts of the algorithm. This is too much to manage by yourself. To really climb up the ranks quickly, you will need to combine outsourcing, automation, and hard work.


The workload should decrease once you have established yourself on the first pages or achieved a high ranking for sales of your product. You can also scale back your PPC campaigns or increase your prices.


Keep up the hard work! Keep track of your Amazon search ranking, even if you get to page 1. This way, even if you fall, you can quickly get back up and restore your organic position.

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