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Way to resolve Core Web Vitals Issues for New Sites

by akashdeepsharma123

Core Web Vitals is a trending topic these days after Google’s latest update, and it’s going to be an important search ranking factor in 2021. And if your website is not Core Web Vital optimize, your website will face significant ranking issues. But what is Core Web Vital, and why is it buzzing so much these days? 

Unlike other traditional optimization strategies, Core Web Vital will focus on the website’s internal page optimization, including web page user experience, Mobile-friendliness, Loading speed, interactivity, and visual stability of web pages. This clearly defines that Google aims to provide the best user experience to their user and target to check the user behavior on your site, which will automatically affect your website ranking. So, how to prepare your website ready for the Google algorithm update in 2021? According to SEO Company, these are the 5 ways to resolve Core Web Vitals issues for new sites and optimize them. 

What are Core Web Vitals?

Core Web Vitals is a set of speed metrics that helps to increase web page user experience. In other words, it is a set of these basic measuring factors: 

  • Latest Contentful Paint- It defines the total time a web page takes to render and make ready for the users. 
  • First Input Delay- First Input Delay is the time a user takes to interact on your site and the time the browser took to respond. It shows how user-friendly your site is. 
  • Cumulative Layout Shift- It is the most important page experience signal representing the visual stability of a website. 

Core Web Vitals Issues for New Sites 

If you’re already ranking top on google search results, you need to optimize your site for core Web Vital to stay there and defeat your competitors. But why is Google focusing more on core Web Vitals these days? Google is increasingly focused on increasing sites user experience to make their searches more relevant on search engines. So for that, google is coming up with its latest algorithm to check sites responsiveness, visual stability, and site’s loading speed. Websites that meet all the Core Web Vitals will automatically give a better user experience and reward with a better position on the search results. If you’re designing a new site struggling with optimizing your site for Core Web Vitals, then you’re alone. Many developers and web designers are looking for the perfect solution for this issue, so today, we have listed the top 5 ways to resolve Core Web Vitals issues for new sites. Keep reading to know!

#1: Don’t forget to optimize images; 

Images play a very crucial role in making your website attractive and understandable. Using images and illustrations help people to navigate your site but sometimes, using heavy images can increase your site loading speed or high LCP, which may affect your site performance. Uploading high-quality compressed and optimized images can help to resolve issues and may lower the page loading speed. 

#2: Focus on mobile-friendly sites: 

Since 2020 Google targets mobile-friendly sites and gives them more preference than others, this indicates that mobile-friendly sites are on priority in 2021. So, if you’re planning to develop a new site, make sure you focus on mobile-friendly sites. More and more people are searching for your business on their mobile devices, and you can drive their attention by offering a highly responsive site. 

#3: Respect white space

A website full of content, images, graphics can make your site heavy and increase your site loading speed. Many designers use white space to make the site attractive and increase site effectiveness. Using enough white space in the web page to make it readable also decreases the site loading speed. In other words, White space gives more breathing space which significantly increases the user experience of the page. 

#4: Optimize content

As we all know, content is the king, and it will be in 2021 too. Optimizing content is the simplest way to make your site ready for Core Web Vitals. Highly optimized content with relevant keywords and fast loading speed help to rank your site on search engines. People will love reading quality content on your site, which in turn increases your website organic traffic and page user-friendliness. 

#5: Find a trusted web hosting provider

Nothing can be more frustrating than a poor website suffering downtime. Yes, a slow-loading site can indeed drive your potential customer towards your competitors. But you can beat this situation by choosing a trusted web hosting provider. Reliable web hosting helps increase load time and provides better security. In other words, investing in web hosting will pay you off in the form of a better user experience of your site. 

Final thought

Optimization and improvement of the web pages are always crucial to increase their performance. To make your website ready for google’s Page Experience Update in 2021, you need to work on the issues mentioned above to improve your website’s Core Web Vitals so that your website does not penalize by google after its latest update in 2021.

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