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Want Natural Backlinks? These 5 Tips Have Got You Covered!

by manvee

Want Natural Backlinks? These 5 Tips Have Got You Covered!


“To rank higher on Google, you’ve to prove your worth!” – RankHawn


Today, thousands upon thousands of websites are going live over the web and battling it out for that top & sweet spot over the results page taking cognizance of several factors, including SEO. While dozens of these factors might be helpful today, no one can’t guarantee their effectiveness in the future. That’s why ranking a website is a never-ending process and sticking to the latest trends is the key to conquest! 


One of those trends that even Google recognizes as the best among all is BACKLINKS


Want proof?


As per Google, top results on its first SERP have 3.8 times more backlinks than the rest.


This signifies how valuable backlinks are to a website and their immense role in higher rankings. Hence, if you’re unable to attain a better ranking over the search engines, you’d try backlinks as done by 89% of the website owners. 


Wondering how?


Check out my following recommendations to earn natural backlinks. 


5 Best And Easiest Ways To Earn Backlinks In 2021


  • Prepare purposeful & targeted content


Why do you conduct keyword research? To get an insight into what the general audience is looking over the net, right? The same tactic is valid when you’re targeting backlinks. Before preparing your content, you’d be aware of whether anyone is interested in linking back to it or publishing. 


For natural backlinks, the content must be fresh and juicy. 


Hence, it’s advisable to first compile a list of websites your content theme and setting resonates with. For example, an SEO company in Bangalore provides seo services and your content revolves around SEO & digital marketing, the other SEO-centric websites with higher authority than yours should be on your checklist. 


In a nutshell, focus on fresh content others would like linking back to rather than recycling the old content which is only good for the sake of consistency in publishing. 


  • Heard of the popular skyscraper content technique?


The evergreen skyscraper content is your gateway to rewarding natural backlinks. Since this term might sound unique to some, here’s its meaning in a gist. 


The popular skyscraper content is an inbound marketing and link-building technique that involves finding content topics that are performing well on search engines and social media networks. It further comprises preparing better content and reaching out to those who were linking back to the original content to now link back to this latest piece. 


This term was first coined by Brian Dean who also listed the following tips for implementing this technique. 


  • Find link-worthy content that’s doing well over the search engines & social media networks,
  • Come up with something even better, and
  • Reach out to the right people for linking.


Of these three tips, your prime focus should be on the third tip i.e. reach out to the right people for linking. Most marketers think that merely preparing juicy content is all that’s required for people linking back to you. However, it’s not so! You’ll have to serve your content on the plates of others to link back to it. 


  • Get in touch with the influencers


Collaborating with the influencers from your industry is a good way to reach out to their broader audience base. Most companies have a dedicated press section that features the news of somebody else writing about or mentioning them. Hence, you’d regularly check out these press sections and cover any latest updates in your blog.


After doing so, it’s necessary to inform them about your content and if it’s worthy, they would surely add your content to their press section. This way, you’ll get quality backlinks that will drive their audience to your site. 


  • Find those burning topics!


Have you noticed anything common in all the above tips? 


It’s the selection of a topic to drive along!


There are millions of topics you can prepare content on. But will it be worthy from the readers’ mindset? How can you ensure that your content is being read and heavily shared? 


For any content to be read and shared, it needs to be extraordinary. It needs to be a burning issue (or topic). In brief, a burning issue or topic is one that people strongly feel about. 


Finding such issues or topics is, of course, not as easy as finding any random topic. However, websites like Reddit and Quora have got you covered. 


Both these places are inoculated with several unanswered questions people would surely feel about. 


Another advantage of using Reddit and Quora is the high probability of you coming to the notice of potential influencers who might get in touch with you and look forward to building relationships. That’s a sort of win-win situation for you!


Besides the next topics for your site, you can also find productive suggestions to build your content on. 


  • Don’t underestimate visual content!


As per the latest survey, over 52% of marketing professionals believe that video-based content brings outstanding ROI and plays a decisive role in search engine rankings


Thus, since a major chunk of your audience feels attached to the videos, it’s a wise decision to include them in your link-building strategy. Besides videos, other visual contents like images, infographics, and gifs are equally prominent among the readers. 


Therefore, incorporate more visual content than text-based content and witness the changes from thereon. 




Natural link building wasn’t as easy as it’s today. If you’re starting today and wondering where to get those high-performing backlinks for your site, you need not worry much and utilize the above 5 tactics for 100% results as I did. 

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