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Virtual Shopper – How to Build a Marketing Plan That Actually Works

by trishnaroy
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Running a business in a successful and profitable way is all about having the right marketing plan. No amount of capital investment can make a venture successful without going on a definite plan that has been determined to turn in profits for the company. In the 21st century, the emergence of new startups has become quite commonplace. However, not all startups see a successful run and at the end of the day end up being closed, or if they are really lucky, purchased by giant corporations. This seemingly inevitable dead end for businesses can be solved effectively by using virtual shopper solutions.

What Is A Virtual Shopping Platform:

Virtual shopping platforms are essentially a version of the offline retail shops, hosted on an online platform, with transactions being done virtually through secure channels. However, that is where the similarities end. While on the surface, virtual shops are nothing more than fancy retail stores, they offer a lot more value under the skin which helps in the development of successful marketing strategies that actually work quite effectively in turning good profits.

Collection Of Business Analytics:

Analytics is the most valuable piece of information a business can have. To know what their customers want, what they are looking for, and how successful their competitors are, and being able to put a number on it, is something that goes beyond any value. Having complete analytics information at their disposal can help businesses promote the right product, make the much-needed changes or tweak their business policies to become more competitive in the market. Virtual shops are the key to gathering analytics, helping in designing an effective video marketing strategy for running a business in a profitable and successful manner.

Advertisements And Offers:

Online virtual shops are the perfect way to link up with social media in order to advertise and pull in customers directly and instantly. Advertising on social media has a much deeper reach than traditional advertising methods, of late. Customers also prefer a method where they can check out the products showcased in ads, instantly, instead of having to go and visit an outlet physically.

Flash sales, attractive discounts and loyalty benefits are some of the most effective marketing techniques that help a business prosper in the long run. All of these strategies can be executed with perfection through a virtual store.

Showcasing Of Products And Interaction With Customers:

Virtual stores provide the unique opportunity of live video streaming. This can be put to good use by showcasing the most popular or flagship products. Putting the focus on top-selling items can prove to a good strategy for marketing. Demonstrating the features of a product is something that will not only help to highlight the unique selling points of it, but will also serve as a reference for customers who might be interested in it.

Shopping on live video streams is also a great way to interact with them. Real-time interaction in the comments section or via live question and answer sessions helps to build an audience, and more importantly, a customer base who can relate to your product and business and help in a faster growth of your business.

These techniques that are brought by virtual shopper software have proven to be quite effective and are being employed by major companies all over the world. What started off as an independent venture in China not more than three to four years ago, is now a sensation that is changing the meaning of online shopping. In India, Orko’s Appointment is showing remarkable contributions and development of the field. The understanding and implementation of such a concept by a young enterprise is something unheard of. This has become more of a reason why you should consider using their upscale marketing strategies to breath fresh energy into your business.

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