Vehicle Immobiliser- An Anti-Theft Electronic Security Device For Automobiles

vehicle immobiliser

A vehicle immobiliser is an anti-theft electronic security device that is fitted into a motor vehicle which prevents the engine from running until the correct key is inserted into it. It basically consists of two parts, a transponder in the ignition key and the receiver in the car itself. It basically works in this way that if someone starts the engine then the vehicle sends a request to the key. If the key sends back a pre-defined signal to the engine then the immobiliser sends a command to the engine control unit to start.

In this way, they can prove to be a great security device against offenders who use mechanical techniques for hijacking a vehicle.

Stealing of a car with an immobilizer:

It would be totally wrong to say that a vehicle with an immobiliser cannot be stolen. A vehicle with an immobiliser cannot be stolen using mechanical techniques but when hijackers put even more effort into code-cracking then a car can easily be thwarted by a car’s immobiliser system.

Immobilisers work efficiently but thieves work even more efficiently:

In Europe, from 2000 to 2006 there was an increasing number of cars being stolen which had immobilisers in them. Not only in Europe but also in the US, Australia, Netherlands, Sweden, etc. a significant increase was seen in the theft ratio of cars. From it was concluded that thieves found a way around the engine immobilisers. They found a way of cracking the codes so from this fact it was concluded that though immobilisers work efficiently and definitely provide security to the car but thieves work more efficiently and harder.

Defeating a car immobilizer:

Most thieves use a method for defeating a car immobiliser that involves the reprogramming of the EEPROM chip on the ECU. Not only thieves but also people who have lost their car keys use this reprogramming method which will use this method for getting the engine started. For instance, if you lose your car key then you must remove the immobiliser from the car. You can strip off little insulation off every wire which will ensure that it does not touch each other.

Ways for disabling your vehicle immobilizer:

If you have forgotten your car keys then there are some ways through which you can disable your car immobiliser because immobiliser repairing and diagnosis is definitely an expensive process which obviously you do not want to do when you have other solutions available.

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·        Turning on the ignition:

If the anti-theft system in the car has locked the engine of your car. And you are unable to start the car then you have to disable the system by following these steps.

  • Check whether the anti-theft system has a red or blue light.
  • Then turn the ignition to on the button which will enable all the accessories but not the engine. And then leave the key in it for about 10-15 minutes.
  • Then check the anti-theft system light again and then turn the key back in the O position. Allow it to sit for a minute or two as it will give time to the system for resetting. But if you don’t do that then you won’t be able to start your car.
  • Then start the engine, if it does not start then make sure that the battery has not been drained. And then try the process again to see if it will work.

·        Use your key in the car door:

Then insert your key in the car door but don’t release it. Hold the key in the same position for about 20-30 seconds. This will enable the system to know the correct key and it will allow you to bypass the alarm system. If you turn the key back and forth in the door lock cylinder then some cars simply recognize the key. Then try to start the engine and. Make sure to leave the key in the key cylinder in the unlocked position.

Proven to be useful in the time of theft:

Through this security system is proven to be very useful in the time of the theft. And you are probably grateful for the additional security which it provides to your car. But in case you lose your car key and you have to disable the immobiliser. Then it is definitely not an easy thing to do.


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