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Using the BigTime Demo to Decide Between a PSA Software and Project Management Solution?

by Isabell100

Finding software that fulfills all the requirements of a company can be very challenging. Their descriptions often include technical terminologies which can be confusing for the layman. To make a smarter decision, users must spend some time getting acquainted with all the options. They can then decide which option would be better for their firm. Requesting a BigTime can also help them figure out if it is the best choice for a professional services provider.

BigTime is a popular Professional Services Automation or PSA software. It helps businesses scale up and gives them the ability to track and operate according to key metrics. It helps manage remote employees by monitoring time, expenses, billing, and other aspects for multiple projects. Users can quickly identify opportunities and analyze insights through its advanced features. It also offers resource allocation and customized reporting functions. BigTime software also has a financial automation module and client portal which helps with processing payment and creating custom invoices.

One of the most frequently asked questions by clients is the difference between a PSA and project management software. Both types of software are competitive, but they can also complement each other in some situations. No matter what the type of software, it provides companies with the resources and reporting they need to complete projects and send payments on time. A detailed analysis of all the features included in both software can help firms find out which one would benefit them more.

Project Management Software

The project management solutions help teams plan the smallest details regarding their projects. Only the internal team members have access to the platform and there are no client-facing options. They can manage all their deliverables, create schedules, dive deep into each task or subtask, and allocate the resources needed to execute them.

Why Companies Choose Project Management Software

The service providers are often juggling multiple projects at the same time and have to manage all their deliverables. The project management software helps them organize their efforts and collaborate with teams. Unlike BigTime demo, it serves as a collective to-do list which becomes a place for everyone to share documents and keep track of all assets.

Which Industries is it More Suited for?

Engineering, marketing, IT, architectural, accounting, consulting, and creative firms can benefit the most from a project management solution. Industries that provide services and take on specific types of projects will need to create a template to manage their tasks. A specialized project management software can help them in that aspect. These tools also integrate with PSA software like BigTime.

Professional Services Automation Software

PSA software is supposed to manage not only projects but it helps run the entire firm. It is built on the foundation of projects and helps manage budgets, track time, and help with expenses. Users can allocate resources and send invoices to clients based on the data collected by the software. Management teams also have the option to create, view, and share reports based on important KPIs. They can manage all the financial aspects of their business by monitoring it in real-time.

Why Companies Choose PSA Software?

The PSA software is useful for gaining visibility into the business operations and using it to settle future resources. It helps manage time, people, and expenses related to the day-to-day operations. The project plan and budgetary issues can be resolved from the same platform as well since it can keep track of all assets and resources. Companies can invoice clients and provide them with the information they need to see with the BigTime demo as well.

Which Industries is it More Suited for?

As the name suggests this solution is more suited for a professional services firm that deals in accounting, engineering, marketing, IT, legal, government contracting, consulting, and creative services. These are technically the same industries that can benefit from project management software.

Should You Request a BigTime Demo?

BigTime Software is a cloud-based system and can be accessed from anywhere. It is the backend support for some of the biggest consulting firms in the world. The solution helps accountants, architects, engineers, IT service firms, scientific consultants, and management companies track their resources. It is used for budgeting, monitoring, and billing which gives users the ability to increase their gross margins by almost a quarter.

The business-relevant tools are ideal for resource allocation, workflow management, and task assignment. It can easily integrate with QuickBooks to help with the billing and invoicing part of the operations. BigTime uses Gantt charts too and offers a free trial to any interested firm so they can test it out for themselves.

Why Not Both?

There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to software. This is why it is so important to have software integrations. Being able to include different project management tools into the PSA can help increase its functionality. BigTime demo lets teamwork with the tools that are most suited to them without having to miss any additional insights. BigTime has many integration options including QuickBooks, Salesforce, Slack, HubSpot, and others.

Project management software helps organize team efforts and it can be used to make sure all internal processes are running smoothly. However, teams might be missing out on important financial insights and management capabilities without the external-facing reporting system. The PSA provides businesses the ability to many accessible features like customized billing rates, budget tracking, forecasting staff ability, and assigning values to staff hours. It can be used to collect payments and generate invoices as well.

The bottom line is that project management and PSA software can both work together to help a business execute its tasks and launch projects in an organized manner. When everyone is in the loop the business will thrive internally and externally. If you are still not sure which one you should select the BigTime demo will be able to help you make your decision.

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