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Users Digital Privacy Concern over Facial Recognition

by kzblog
Facial recognition

In a digital world where everything is accessible through technological mediums, our tasks are less complicated. We are now able to perform complex tasks which require time and cost. This technology has allowed us to protect our data by only letting it accessible through facial or biometric recognition. Identity verification is not just used by businesses but our cell phones now include this feature for screen lock purposes. 

However, the technology that is supposed to save our private data is raising privacy concerns. Facial recognition has come under fire after its widespread use in organizations for customer identity verification purposes. The lack of cybersecurity and data breaches has produced a fear of becoming a victim of any cybercrime activity. 

Facial Recognition

Facial Recognition captures, stores, and identifies a human face. The technology is being used by the public and private sectors for customer identity verification. It has gained a lot of popularity in the financial sector for KYC verification.

Recently, the technology’s popularity has increased after the introduction of facial recognition in smartphones. Social Media have also been using this technology for tracking. 

It is used for facial detection, facial characteristic, and recognition. Facial recognition is a form of identity verification that allows the user to access data by using his facial characteristics.  It works by capturing the facial points of a human face and storing them in the database.

The identification process begins when a human face is presented to the system and the AI algorithm goes through the database to match the data. The individual is allowed to access data after verifying his identity. 

The rise in Identity Verification

Due to the digitization of every aspect of the modern world, businesses have moved online for conducting their business activities. Customers are using business online know your customer platforms for convenience buying.

Businesses are performing identity checks for client verification before entering them into the business platform. In Europe, the market is getting popular and is expected to grow 4.4 US billion dollars by the year 2027. 

However, the benefit comes with the risk of cybercrime. Threats of cybersecurity are on the rise and businesses and individuals are feared for its power. In 2019, the cybercrime activities report a loss of trillion dollars in the global market. Such an amount of loss can worry and affect our global economy and these numbers are expected to rise. 

Deepfake Threat

Deepfake is a deep learning artificial intelligence algorithm that can manipulate images and videos. It can turn pictures and film into something so convincing that it can manipulate people and systems. This has produced a larger threat in biometric security as it is difficult to verify the identity of the customer.

Deepfake requires a complex algorithm to produce images and videos but the technology is popular and accessible to a larger audience. The introduction of deepfake in mobile applications can be threatening as people are still unaware of it. However, businesses are forming AI to capture deepfake by identifying videos and audio identification. 

Identity Verification and Protection

If it is the AI that causes harm then it is AI that will protect us from threatening technology. Businesses are developing systems to identify deepfake to verify the identity of an individual. 

It is not just the facial verification technology that is the concern and in threat but another biometric verification is also widely used by organizations. Safekeeping of biometric data is important to customers as any breach of this data can create huge losses.  

Businesses are making their identity verification technology better than before by taking the support of artificial intelligence. Data security protection is essential for businesses to protect customer data. Cyber security still needs to be upgraded as the fraudsters are making it look easy to commit cybercrime. 

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