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Top Features to Look for in a Video Streaming Platform

by madelynariana
Video streaming business model

The global video streaming industry showed considerable growth from 2015 to 2020. The video streaming service market is expected to grow at a rate of around 15% during 2021-2026. With the uncertainties of COVID-19 in mind, the indirect influence of the pandemic is being regularly tracked and evaluated on different end-use industries.

Video streaming is the process of distributing media content on the best video streaming service in compressed data streams over the internet. It is dependent on an internet connection and a player for file uncompressing which allows audio data sent to the speakers and video data to the display. It enables viewers to view videos in real-time in place of file downloading and watching them at a later date on the online video platform. It offers convenience and access to content and removes the requirement for storage space. As a result, it is gaining momentum across the world.

Main Features Required for a Video Streaming Platform

Customization –

This video streaming solution platform offers 100% customization. You can decide what can be included on your platform from downloading, distribution to monetizing.

White label Platform

You can now upgrade visibility and brand value for your online video streaming platform by incorporating a business logo. For a seamless user experience, you can personalize technical features, video player, brand name, and much more.

Cloud Storage –

Highly scalable alternatives for customized server storage on on-cloud or on client premises.

Content Partner Portal –

Content partner portal allows it to include content partners to upload content, track views, live stream, revenues, and much more. You should also ensure that the content partner does not go beyond the access limit.

Low Latency –

Say goodbye to online video buffering. Make sure to stream high-quality content over OTT, on-demand apps, and live streaming services without a delay regardless of network bandwidth.

Multiple Media Format Support –

Enables and supports the full range of formats in Audio and Video streaming solution which ranges from avi, MPEG-DASH, H.265 codec, m4v, H.264 codec, mp3, mp4.

Multi DRM Platform –

Data Rights Management lets you exercise your copyrights to the fullest degree and stops unauthorized usage, consumption, or any other type of infringements.

Watch on Smart TV, Mobile & Web –

You can now store and re-stream live videos, events, and turn live-streamed content into VOD assets instantly after a live stream. This enhances the usability of content and upgrades ROI opportunities. Now do away with robust internet connectivity to stream content on several platforms. With webcasts, live streaming casting or on-demand content is created by delivering content to your favored mobile device such as Tablets, Android, ios to get to a wider range of audiences.

Adaptive Bitrate –

Send HD or high-resolution video content on an online video streaming platform to any user of your device in the most effective way with the assistance of ABS technology. Streaming engine assures broadcast of content at high quality regardless of internet connection, platforms, and device.

HLS Player –

Supports and enables both HLS and DASH protocols to stream video content which is based on HTTP. With the support of a strong CDN, video content delivery in several smaller segments is possible across many devices

Multi-Language Support –

You can now customize your OTT platforms or live streaming as per geographical location-centric language. It Provides support to multilingual configuration to get to local, regional and international audiences.

Geo-Blocking –

Restrict access to audio and video streaming platform for users depending on geographical location to reduce compliance costs and upscale capacity for related demographics.

Integrated Paywall –

Supports the safest paywall integration which is linked directly to the content list. Include digital paywalls such as Paypal and other paywalls too which support global transactions also.

Monetization Models –

With this platform, you can get great returns with all-inclusive monetizing features like advertisement VOD, Catch Up TV, Subscription VOD, Server-Side Ad-Insertion, Pay-Per-View (PPV)/Transactional VOD, Third Party Ad Integration, Coupons, and Promotions, etc.

Third-Party Marketing Tools –

You can now join hands with third-party ad managers to force ads into your live video streaming solutions platform. Monitor content performance inside your audio and video monetization platforms.

Analytics –

Now, get end-to-end reports, immediate feedback with reporting & analytics features like device data, user data, video quality data, player data, third party analytics integration, live dashboard report, etc.


Online video streaming solutions and video streaming websites like Hotstar, Netflix, YouTube are growing their net worth every day, the market value and demand of video streaming websites will be maintained. Streaming services like Netflix did not happen overnight. There is adequate space for newcomers to create lucrative video streaming websites like Netflix to bring in revenue in millions. The only aspect for individuals and enterprises is to be attentive to business strategy to make a video streaming website collaborating with the suitable video on demand solutions provider to have a profitable live streaming business that you will adore to manage. You can now build a video streaming website by referring online today. People all around the globe across generations are consuming more video content from the best video streaming services now than ever and they plan to view it more in 2022.

There are several factors boosting video consumption – which includes more time spent at home – one of the most prominent factors is the growth of the video streaming industry. Customers have their pick of several video streaming services – both as paid and free subscriptions. As per PwC, video streaming revenue is expected to grow 60% from 2020 to 2025 and reach a figure of $94 billion by the end of 2025, with a major chunk coming from subscription fees. Consumers are investing more time and money in video streaming services or video streaming business as it is an integration of quality, price, convenience, originality, and choice. Users also like watching the best movie streaming service as it offers high entertainment value. You can now create a video streaming website that will offer you great solutions online.

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