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Top Design Features to Lookout for Your eCommerce Website in 2021

by ericwalter98
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Your e-commerce website is incomplete until it can find a way to engage the customer and have traffic. For this, website owners try to build a website aesthetically; the more the site looks good, the more it attracts customers. If they make the website calm and engage customers, they can make tons of money and traffic.

For this, website owners need to invest money in designers to make a good-looking website. In addition, users should find easy to locate information. Features like this will improve user engagement and increase visitors.

Did you know?

There are 4.2 billion users on the Internet, which means many people are searching for products or services not available online. Their websites are not that designed well because businesses mainly don’t develop and design a website.

So, it also means Ecommerce Website Development Services needs are increasing, and also because of the corona, it boosted the demands of the eCommerce website. Clients want to hire website developers to maintain their e-commerce brands.

What Users mostly like!

As we know, the clients or visitors have an attractive website, so what is a beautiful website for the users or visitors. Well!

  • A good design
  • Proper functionality
  • Catchy appearance
  • Navigation systems

These are some basic facts users see when they appear on the website. But the first one is a well-designed website.

As Bill gate said,

If you make it good at making it look good.

The quotation reveals that looks sell in this era. It attracts everyone to delightful features, whether it is a human or a product. So, make it worth it if you want to sell it.

Having an aesthetic website will make day-to-day users’ loyal customers

So here are some top features from 2021 that users like to see on every website.

  • Search Wizard
  • Carousel Slides
  • Megamenu
  • Newsletter Pop-up
  • Product Comparison
  • Banners
  • Reviews
  • Help Desk

Search Wizard

A search wizard is a box that helps users or visitors locate where they want by using words on search. The search wizard will scan, analyze and display a vast volume of data in real-time.

Carousel Slides

Carousel sliders are trendy these days. They are beneficial to display multiple images and videos in one place. Moreover, they are convenient and mainly used to show essential products and services of the website. Therefore, having carousel slides on your website will make a practical impact.


A mega menu is when the structure of your website changes to include over one column for you to display link titles and descriptions. It’s also known as a ‘mega drop-down,’ ‘navigation tree,’ or ‘accordion menu.’

Some functions for this kind of navigation are:

– To display a large number of titles and links in a small amount of space.

– To provide secondary navigation for the site, which is only available when needed and with an easy click.

– Allows users to choose exactly what they want when they want it, without having to search excessively or go back to the home page.

Newsletter Pop-up

The “Newsletter Pop-up” feature will send you an email whenever the seller has published a new product.

You can find this Newsletter Pop-up on the website on the left. Click “Join,” and you will receive an email whenever the seller publishes a new product.

After joining The Newsletter Pop-up, it will activate immediately.

Thank you for using the “Website Newsletter Pop-up.”

Have a good day!

Web Banners

Web Banners are just text links in graphical format with attractive backgrounds. We widely used Web banners in advertising on websites to promote a product, event, or service. The artistically designed banner grabs your attention when you visit the website and intrigues you to click them to know more about its offering.

We use banners for many reasons. For example, it may be to promote a website, increase visitors on your website, create awareness among people.

The banner advertisement differs from other advertising media. And it is not just the multimedia web banners that are so interactive but also text-based banner ads that can communicate more effectively than plain words alone. To get more attention.


Many websites provide reviews on various products sold at retail stores. Customers can discover information about the quality of the product, what others think about it, or purchase the product directly.

The most popular websites that provide reviews are Amazon, TripAdvisor, and Yelp. Amazon has a review system that ranks the product from one to five stars, where one star is wrong, and five stars are excellent. TripAdvisor and Yelp allow customers to rate the products from 1 to 10 points.

Reviews on websites help customers to be informed before purchasing a product or service. In addition, they make it easier for customers to compare products and decide based on the helpful information provided by others who have already experienced using the product.

Help Desk

Help desks, traditionally only available to business, government, and educational institutions, are now being offered as an online service.

Implementing a help desk on websites has made it easier for customers to access support services for products, content, and brands they love.

With the help desk, customers will access information and other helpful services available on the website by simply emailing the designated email address.

The primary goal of the help desk is to provide customers with easy access to an organization’s products, services, and other content.

As a result, it offers better customer support and convenience to customers. It also creates a good customer experience with the help of more interactive communication with brand managers and representatives.

eCommerce Website Designs

Final Thought

Web applications and websites can have a significant impact on enterprises. However, companies are experimenting with eCommerce websites and are encountering significant difficulties.

Developers and designers can overcome these obstacles by observing how websites differ and evaluating which features are most appropriate for this website. To have this for your website, you need to research Ecommerce Website Development Services. So, they can help you!

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