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Top 10 Inspiring Virtual Trade Show Ideas for 2021

by Alyssa Joshua
Top 10 Inspiring Virtual Trade Show Ideas for 2021

Today, right from day-to-day meetings to trade shows all events have been shifted to virtual realms. All thanks to advance technology innovations and virtual event technology. Ever since the advent of the global pandemic, the percentage of online events skyrocketed exponentially. Almost every live physical event has been transformed into a virtual space to keep going.

Transiting virtual trade shows and expos was the toughest one in line. Initially, exhibitors and sponsors were a bit skeptical about the event format as it was completely new to them. Secondly, the involvement of technology makes them worried about whether they will be able to deliver immersive experiences or not. But, the advantages offered by the event format dragged the interest of the exhibitors. Today, it has become the first priority of sponsors and exhibitors worldwide. Not only it gives them a chance to showcase their offerings to a worldwide audience but also results in substantial ROI. The list of benefits offered by virtual trade shows keeps on going and does not stop here.

But many organizers struggle to make the maximum out of their trade shows. They might lack in incorporating innovative ideas. If you are struggling to run a successful virtual trade fair in 2021 and looking up for inspiring ideas, you are at the right place. In this blog, we have covered a few effective and inspiring ideas for your virtual trade show that ensures success. Let’s start, scroll down to read further:

Inspiring & Innovative Ideas For Your Virtual Trade Show

We have enlisted some of the effective, inspiring, and innovative virtual trade show ideas below to ensure a successful event.

1. Offer customizable virtual booths to increase the sponsor visibility

Exhibitors and sponsors participate in the virtual trade fair as they get a chance to reach a large audience globally. Offer them a chance to customize their virtual booth to enhance their visibility. If virtual booths are customized as per the company branding audience will recognize them easily. It will allow them to stand out during a virtual trade show.

Allow them to embed their videos, logos, custom backgrounds, website links, social media links, product display videos, etc to booths. A fully branded virtual booth at a virtual trade show is likely to attract more attendees.

2. Offer tools that allow attendees to connect with exhibitors before the event

Enabling attendees to connect with exhibitors even before the show starts helps in building long laying relationships. Additionally, it even offers a chance to capitalize on this brilliant opportunity. Offer B2B meeting scheduler or various other tools matching to this that allows exhibitors, sponsors, and attendees to network before the event commences.

3. To boost your event ROI offer customizable packages to exhibitors

For any exhibitor or sponsor at a virtual trade fair in 2021, visibility is one of the most valuable features of the event. There is no better way for them to get noticed than by having their own booth, and making it personalized can be a very valuable tool for event organizers. Allow exhibitors to post items and services, as well as add movies, branded backgrounds, logos, and links to their websites. However, offering customizable sponsorship packages help in boosting event ROI and ensuring a successful event.

4. AI-matchmaking to save time and capture leads instantly

With the advancement of technology, you can opt to save exhibitors and attendees time. Offer an AI-matchmaking feature during your virtual trade show. It enables attendees to find and interact with like-minded people with similar interests without navigating much. It results in saving time and fostering meaningful connections at virtual trade shows. However, the like-minded people holding the interest in your booth are most likely your potential leads. Thus, resulting in enhancing the chances of capturing more qualified leads.

5. Release teasers to create a buzz about the upcoming virtual trade show

You can opt to release teasers of the most popular sponsors and exhibitors from your upcoming virtual trade show. It will help in boosting excitement about your upcoming event to attendees. Thus making attendees interest in your event and motivating them to attend it.

You can show the teasers to excite the audience about the topics that will be discussed during the event.

6. Offer opportunities to have an open discussion

During your virtual trade show offer various opportunities for networking. Allow attendees to interact with other participants as well as booth representatives, hosts, and speakers. It will help in replicating the essence of live physical events in a virtual environment. Offer features such as live chat capabilities, B2B meeting scheduler, eternal plugins, business card exchange, and more.

7. Gamify your virtual trade show

Gamification is one of the most effective ways to boost excitement in any event. It works well for virtual trade shows as well. Gamify your virtual trade show to boost excitement in the event. You can incorporate various games during the event such as spin the wheel, word finder, dart game, and more. This can be embedded in a gaming zone or can even be incorporated into individual booths.

8. Leaderboard challenge to boost engagements

Integrate leaderboard challenge in your virtual trade shows it not only helps in boosting excitement but keeps attendees engaged too. It is one of the most inspiring virtual trade show ideas that one must embed in the event. Leaderboard challenges motivate attendees to move throughout the event and do activities to earn points. Offer a chance to the highest scorer on the leaderboard to redeem points in form of gift cards or discount coupons.

9. Integrate photo booths in your virtual trade shows

Photo booths are an effective tool to engage attendees effortlessly at the event. It not only helps in keeping attendees engaged but attendees take event memories back home with the snaps clicked. It acts as a souvenir for the event. Integrate AR/VR photo booths at your virtual trade shows and offer a chance to attendees to get snapped with branded frames.

10. Incentivize attendees with virtual gifts

Offer branded giveaways to virtual attendees to make them feel appreciated. It is one of the well-trusted virtual trade show ideas that always work. You can offer branded swag bags to the top 10 attendees who tuned in first at the event or you can organize a quiz. Reward attendees with branded giveaways who answer it right.

Final Word

We have listed some of the effective and inspiring virtual trade show ideas for 2021. If you are struggling with organizing an impactful virtual trade show, the above-mentioned ideas might help you out!

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