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Top 10 Fleet Management Software for Running Efficient Business Operations

by rizwankhokhar
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Managing a fleet is a highly stressful, time-consuming job as it involves intense multitasking. The stakes are very high because worthy assets like vehicles are involved. There is always a level of uncertainty irrespective of the skillset and competence of the driver. Every business wants to incorporate safety precautions to minimize the risk element, and fleet management software is the most trusted mechanism for that.

The modern telematics systems are tailor-made to serve the daily affairs of businesses dealing with a large group of vehicles. They not only facilitate the operations but also provide help to save time and expenses. Due to the growing demand, a large number of telematics solutions have been introduced lately.

In this blog, we will discuss the details of the top ten telematics systems available in the market.

10 Best Fleet Tracking and Management Systems:

Although many options of vehicle tracking and monitoring platforms are available in the market, the ten of the best ones are given below:

Flotilla IoT:

Flotilla IoT is a leading telematics platform offering many products, including a highly efficient and user-friendly fleet management system. It is not a conventional vehicle tracking solution; it is a complete monitoring and management mechanism offering full device integration. From tracking history and detailed reporting to ECO driving and Geofencing, there are many innovative features worth utilizing.

Notification alerts can be set for maintenance, customized events, sensors and many other options to control daily operations better. In addition to that, there is a cross-platform GPS tracking app called ‘FX Tracker’ available that acts as an alternative of a tracking device. ‘Flotilla IoT’s telematics solution is apt for different scales and scopes of businesses ranging from small companies to huge conglomerates.


GpsGate is a Sweden-based tracking platform with over 15 years of serving various businesses. It offers a secure cloud service for hosting, or you can also do it behind your own firewall. With an enormous capacity to support 1000s of trackers along with a tracker app and built-in simulator, it offers everything a business wants. It also provides integration with various other platforms like ERP systems, planning tools, and billing software.


EN ROUTE TECHNOLOGIES LLC is a SIRA approved surveillance and security service provider specializing in live GPS tracking and CCTV technology. From trading to installation and operation management, it covers every area of telematics. The fleet management system of EN ROUTE TECHNOLOGIES is one of a kind offering excellent goal-driven end to end solutions. Its main features include vehicle maintenance, live GPS Tracking and Monitoring, Fuel Management, Fleet Visibility, Runtime Reporting, and Analytics.

The unique features like Geo-fencing and ECO driving alerts help keep strict monitoring on the driver’s behavior and efficiency. Real-time notifications for various management indicators can also be set, including Movement, Maintenance ECO Driving, Unit Status, Fuel, etc. Driver Identification and Verification features ensures vehicle security and transparency in daily operations.

GPS Trackit:

GPS Trackit is a leading fleet management software that offers live GPS tracking and monitoring services to several clients worldwide. With over 17 years of experience, it has been one of the pioneers in cloud-based IoT telematics solutions. The highly efficient theft protection mechanism allows foolproof security of the vehicles. Many customized automation options ensure that different businesses use the software according to their convenience.


Fleetio is an excellent fleet monitoring platform founded in 2012 to serve various scales of businesses. With a highly centralized and seamless design, it offers complete automation of workflow along with data integration. The intuitive web-based software and smartphone app help in monitoring all vehicular operations on the go. In addition to that, it also offers real-time communication functionality where all the team members can coordinate with one another conveniently.


GPS INSIGHT is an American-based telematics platform founded in 2004. It offers live tracking along with compliance management and field service management to give companies better control over their daily operations. With the option of an ELD (Electronic Logging Device) and DVIR (Driver Vehicle Inspection Report), every aspect of driving can be monitored in real-time, ensuring safety and efficiency. There are also a lot of integration options available, ranging from fuel cards to business management tools.


GPSWOX is a renowned award-winning live tracking solution offering various services for both business and personal use. It covers everything from fleet monitoring and management to personal tracking account. An innovative feature of ‘Trackers Shop offers’ many live tracking devices for various types of vehicles. With white labeling, businesses can get branded software and apps, get hosting on their server, and customize features according to their requirements.


GEOTAB is an advanced security and vehicle tracking solution founded in 2000. It is an elaborate system covering all areas of telematics, ranging from GPS navigation to analytics and reporting. It provides excellent data integration and customization options to facilitate team coordination during daily business operations. GEOTAB gives the feature of getting data insights from the EV’s (Electric Vehicles) mode to ensure environment-friendly driving.


Samsara is an emerging industrial IoT (Internet of Things) company founded in 2015, providing safe, efficient, and sustainable solutions. It combines both hardware and software technology to offer AI and analytics for streamlining workflow. From transport and logistics to food production and manufacturing, Samsara provides ingenious solutions to all types and sizes of industries. It offers features like live tracking, ELD compliance, routing and dispatch, fleet maintenance and management, etc.


US FLEET TRACKING is an ingenious GPS tracking manufacturer offering many IoT solutions, including vehicle tracking and management services. It offers features like mobile tracking to monitor fleet operations from any remote location. The analytics and reporting function is designed to check the drivers’ performance for better efficiency and productivity. Many leading GPS tracking devices are also available for purchase at US FLEET TRACKING.

Make the right choice!

The telematics systems are the need of the hour for various businesses to guarantee vehicle protection and driver’s safety. As different companies have different working methods and goals, it is hard to find a suitable system for all. All the information mentioned above can give you useful insights about various available options and help make an informed decision.


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