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Top 10 B2B Customer Acquisition Strategies from Outsourced SEO

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With countless businesses pivoting to the use of modern tools to improve their operations, shifting to digital marketing is also something they prioritize. This is mainly because of the increased digital media consumption, attributed to the massive advancements in technology and the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. Most of the marketing efforts nowadays are centered around making engagements with prospects and existing customers more accessible with online ads.

But this does not mean that marketing with traditional media outlets will go away anytime soon. Placing advertisement materials on television, radio, and newspapers is far from dead and is still a great way to publicize the goods and services offered by the brand. However, digital marketing is typically cheaper and can be easily controlled and manipulated based on analytics.

A popular digital marketing campaign used by countless companies is search engine optimization (SEO). This works by optimizing content in the website to attract the target audience of the businesses. With efficient SEO projects, the website will rank higher in search engines, significantly increasing the brands’ online visibility.

But SEO is complex and time-consuming, which might affect the organization’s time for other business-critical tasks. Numerous firms choose to partner with third-party providers to outsource SEO projects. This ensures that the SEO project will be adequately conducted as outsourced SEO providers use reliable strategies to run a successful SEO campaign.

Producing keywords that can be used to optimize the website is one of the most effective strategies used by SEO providers. Keywords are vital on SEO projects as they are the words or phrases that customers use when they search for something on search engines. The third-party partners have the proper tools to complete keyword research, and they can adequately use the keywords produced to make content that will attract customers to the website.

One strategy that SEO companies utilize is the inclusion of topic clusters. With this, the articles and other content produced for the website will be organized appropriately. In addition, companies can prevent having similar keywords on numerous pages, effectively optimizing the website. The clusters should include write-ups that will answer queries and attract prospects to engage with the company.

By posting high-quality content, SEO can help the website become recognized as an authority in its market. Consumers always tend to incline with firms that answer their queries and provide relevant content about them. When the website is considered an authority, other websites will link back to the enterprise, driving more traffic into the web page.

Another effective customer acquisition strategy SEO companies use is integrating social media platforms into the SEO project. Social media consumption has dramatically increased in recent years, and leveraging it could attract prospects and convert them into regular clients. This is usually done by using the keywords on social media captions or including the links on the posts. 

To learn more about the top 10 B2B customer acquisition strategies from outsourced SEO and how an SEO service provider in the Philippines can help, check this infographic from Digital Marketing Philippines.

Customer Acquisition Strategies

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