Top 10 Apps Creating Wave in Food Delivery Market in South Africa

10 Apps Creating Ripples in Food Delivery Market in South Africa

The pandemic has been responsible for the food delivery market experiencing significant growth. This is in terms of popularity as well as revenues. In places like South Africa, the market has observed even greater profits.

According to Statista, the revenues will become 1.20 billion dollars by 2026 at a CAGR of 8.33%. The number of users will be around 22.5 million by the same period.

Through these attractive figures, it becomes clear that these solutions are profitable for the South African subcontinent. However, this is not something we are not covering here.

In the article here, we provide you a list of the ten popular apps that have created ripples in the food delivery market in South Africa mentioning their salient features.

So without further adieu, let us begin.

10 Popular Food Ordering and Delivery Apps in South Africa

  1. UCook

 Year of Launch – 2014
Areas of Service – Western Cape, Gauteng, and KwaZulu-Natal

A popular on demand food delivery app in South Africa, it is known for its revolutionary food delivery services. Giving an edge to food delivery: app educates customers on the source of the meal; that is the location for food processing. This is followed by users knowing the techniques they can follow to support small-scale businesses and farmers so that convenient meals are a reality.

The app has some of the best features to ensure an impact on the environment is easy to make.

These include-

  • Meal Kit Membership Plans
  • Meal Kit Recipes and Ingredients
  • Meal Kit Suppliers
  • Craft Meals Delivery

These have allowed this food delivery solution to become a unique solution that makes dinner and meal preparation an altogether convenient and fun process.

Apart from these features, it has easy operations. This has been equally responsible for its soaring popularity.

Take a peek at the video below to observe how the app works.

Video Source –

So, if you are in South Africa and are looking for a solution that makes food delivery services easy, UCook is what you should use.

2. Mr D Food

Year of Launch – 2017
Areas of Service – Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Bloemfontein, Gqeberha, Pretoria

Mr D Food came into inception in 1992. In 2017 though, it got launched as an on demand food delivery app. Serving over a million customers in over 2500 areas and possessing 4500 drivers and 8000 restaurants, the app is popular in the region.

This is due to the presence of these unique features-

  • Daily deals
  • Order tracking
  • Multiple payment modes
  • Restaurant listing
  • Restaurant availability status

Courtesy of all these features and easy operations, it has achieved cult status among food lovers in South Africa. Hence, if you are in South Africa, make sure you take the aid of the app to satiate your hunger pangs.

3. Yumbi

Year of Launch – 2011
Areas of Service – Everywhere in South Africa

Enhancing the way food orders take place, Yumbi provides an intuitive experience to customers when ordering meals. This is due to the customer engagement model they have in the app. In other words, through services like online and telephone ordering, customers can order meals in a way they feel comfortable and get meals directly delivered to their doorsteps.

Some of the other features that have been responsible for its increased popularity are-

  • Smart restaurant finder
  • Secure payments
  • Real-time tracking
  • Flexible menus
  • Reports and Analytic

Thanks to all these elements, the on demand food delivery app is popular among customers and restaurants in South Africa.

Thus, this is another solution that you should take note of, living in South Africa when in need to keep your hunger pangs fulfilled always.

4. Bolt Food

Year of Launch – 2016
Areas of Service – Bryanston, Braamfontein

Bolt Food is known for making food delivery services available at lightning speed for customers living in South Africa. Through the solution, customers can discover meals and order and track them.

This is due to the presence of these unique elements in them-

  • Favourite restaurant
  • Add order notes and modify them
  • Add condiments
  • Order meals from multiple restaurants
  • Add or remove items you are placing orders for

All these elements are responsible for the added popularity of this solution. Hence, if you are in South Africa, this app is a must-have for your hunger pangs to get fulfilled simply through a few taps you place on the app.

5. Delivery Ways Appetite

Year of Launch – 2020
Areas of Service – Johannesburg

Keeping quality above par always, Delivery Ways Appetite makes food delivery service a unique experience through its on demand food delivery app.

This is followed by possessing a wide array of food categories available in the solution. This allows them to get the freedom to have an unforgettable meal experience when they place orders from there.

  • Build cart
  • Order tracking
  • Find restaurants easily
  • Food Categories
  • Order meals on the go

All this has made the app a hot favorite among customers living in South Africa when ordering meals.

6. Daily Dish

Year of Launch – 2013
Areas of Service – All around South Africa

Daily Dish allows customers o get access to ingredients and recipes on the go, apart from quick meals with just a few taps placed on them.

This solution has unique functionalities within. It also ensures the use of fresh ingredients in the meals prepared. This is followed by making sure no-repeat recipe performance takes place. Finally, it ascertains; that costs get saved to the maximum when customers place food delivery orders from the solution.

Some of its other unique features are-

  • Photo gallery
  • New recipes
  • Customized meals per season
  • Meal boxes
  • Multiple pricing options

The features above have made it extremely popular among South African residents when ordering meals or those seeking knowledge of recipes for meals they want to prepare.

Hence, this is an app you should have on your device to get an easy meal and recipe access.

7. SoFresh

Year of Launch – 2010
Areas of Service – Opebi, Ogudu, Oando Ikoyi, VGC

SoFresh is another popular on demand food delivery app known for its fresh and nutrient-reach meals to customers through a few taps. Apart from food delivery, the solution is also known for salad, juice, smoothies, and other such deliveries.

Albeit these unique functionalities, the app also has these features within them-

  • Menu
  • Catering
  • Track order status
  • Earn rewards through orders placed

All these elements are responsible for the solution gaining such massive popularity among residents in South Africa. Hence, if you want an app that makes food delivery services a unique experience, the SoFresh app is what you should use today.

8. Nandos South Africa: Delivery & Collection

Year of Launch – 2012
Areas of Service – All around South Africa

Nandos, a popular food ordering and delivery app in South Africa ensure customers living there can order meals seamlessly and get them instantly delivered to their doorstep.

With unique functionalities, the app today has more than 7000 restaurants listed. This allows customers to get comfort in ordering meals from a restaurant they feel matches their requirements.

Some of the unique features that especially make it so popular are-

  • Find Nandos nearby
  • Products
  • Recipes
  • Gift Cards
  • Menu
  • Order Favourite

So, if you are in South Africa and are seeking an unforgettable meal experience, download this app today.

9. The Flying Pan

Year of Launch – 2013
Areas of Service – All over South Africa

With The Flying Pan, customers get access to fresh meals of high quality. Adopting a straightforward process during ordering, customers get a unique food delivery experience when ordering meals from the solution.

Some of its other unique features that are responsible for its added popularity are-

  • Book private chef
  • Multiple options for catering
  • Customized meal options
  • Menu
  • Order favorite meals

These features make this app exceptionally popular among customers. So, if you are living in South Africa, make sure you have the solution to ensure a unique food delivery experience that is healthy and enriching, both side-by-side.

10. Uber Eats

Year of Launch – 2016
Areas of Service – Bloemfontein, Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg, Pretoria, Polokwane, Port Elizabeth

Uber Eats is a popular food delivery app that started its operations in South Africa in 2016, and there has been no looking back. It allows customers to get access to quick meals simply through a few taps on the app. Other than this, it has these features specially responsible for its soaring popularity.

  • Real-time order tracking
  • Find favorite meals and restaurants
  • Order schedule
  • Contactless delivery
  • Find pickups nearby

Empower Your Food Delivery Venture with UberEats Clone App

The features above have been responsible apart from the ones present in the food ordering and delivery apps for Uber Eats to gain such massive popularity.

Wrapping Up

The user penetration in the online food delivery segment will become 26.3% by the end of 2022 in South Africa. These attractive numbers are enough to depict the profitable nature of these solutions. However, as building an app from scratch may be tedious, connect with us. Following the best techniques during food delivery app development, and filled with the best features, our on demand food delivery app will drive maximum value for your food delivery venture. It will simultaneously give you the impetus to obtain maximum ROI from Day 1!


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