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To what extent technology has changed the way people communicate?

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Exploring Communication and its Importance Today

We all live in an era where going on for an hour without communicating with someone close through physical or virtual interaction could be very stressful. It would immediately lead us to the thought of whether we have become alone or if someone we are trying to contact is in some sort of trouble or emergency. Hence, it can be evaluated that communication plays a significant role in everyday lives allowing us to emphasize different responsibilities undertaken through communication and opportunities acknowledged and adopted through extensive communication.

Communication has evolved since the early days very differently. Earlier, we would travel to people located close to us so that we can have a chat with them on behalf of commercial or social purposes. However, as the world started shrinking and physical distances between individuals and groups minimized, there were efficient approaches of communication introduced and using letters which were posted locally and internationally was found to be very effective. Similarly, the emergence of globalization factors exposed the world towards responding to critical career-related opportunities in which communication was a mere requirement, and hence technology stepped forward with some significant improvements allowing people to communicate easily and without potential hassles and barriers.

Thus, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that communication makes up 75% of the day, whereas imagining a situation in which one couldn’t communicate for some of the essentials of living for a day, one would probably end up starving and frustrated to the extreme of possible extents. It would be of greater use if some of the significant factors contributing positively towards enhancing and improving modern communication of today are evaluated, and modern technology is believed to have played a significant role simultaneously.

Communication and Modern Technology

Since writing letters and then posting them by mail domestically or internationally, both took a significant amount of time to get delivered. It was an aspect of concern for situations in which there could be an emergency. Hence, a short message service (SMS) was introduced in the early 21st century as cellular phones were becoming popular. Although sending a 160 character message was expensive back then, yet it ensured prompt delivery and spontaneous replies, which was worth the spending highlighted.

However, there remained a question, to what if such communication could get free somehow, and this was the time when internet services were highlighted. Emails were introduced as an efficient and cost-effective mode of communication without having limits to the size of the message. Not just message, but it was an initiative that allowed sending different files, which included word files, images, short videos, audio clips, etc. This initiative attracted the attention of a majority of the users as the computer system already had been on its verge of acknowledgement and use. Analyzing the potential to grow and opportunities for success in this field, different email partners joined the journey, including Outlook (former Hotmail), Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, etc.

Improvements fled these platforms, and they soon introduced the facility of live chatting, which majorly attracted the youngsters. We could clearly remember how we didn’t have enough time in school to chit chat and gossip with our peers, and we would look forward to doing the same on messenger tools. Those were some days when our adherence towards modern technology was being established, and no one knew the upcoming ten years would change everything dramatically.

Nursing assignment writing service UK has completed several researches which revealed the fact that communication through technology was something that changed significantly since the video and audio calling facilities emerged. According to extensive research concluded in this aspect, Skype was the first online platform that offered a crystal clear video calling experience, and it attracted individuals and groups from commercial and social environments simultaneously. The success journey of Skype continued for almost a decade when smart communication platforms were shortly becoming popular, and hence the company was soon overtaken by key competitors such as WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook, etc.

Impacts of Modern Technology on Communication Today

Communication through modern technology has changed the way people used to communicate in the early times. Some key factors can be illustrated to show how time changed, and trends switched. These can be inclusive of the following:

The Need for Landlines and Telecommunication Minimised – Perhaps, the internet was so efficient and effective in fulfilling the communication needs of individual users that it took over the traditional approach of using landlines and services of telecommunication companies. Audio and video calling through Whatsapp and similar platforms are so clear and cost-effective that people have adopted the trend and established it as a new norm of routine communication.

The Trend of Voice Notes – Ever since technology emerged in the form of smartphone applications, Whatsapp is known to be one major smart application that is being used globally. Other than providing the service of communicating through messages, audio and video calls, it also facilitates users through sending voice notes which makes short communication even more effective. You probably are not willing to indulge in a call, whereas you have a fear of your message not being understood; there is nothing to worry about. Just tap and hold the voice recording button, record your message in your voice and send it. This service has established as a routine trend that we all use today due to its benefits of clarity, effectiveness and being fulfilling towards communication needs.

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