Things to Check Before selling Your Old SmartPhone in India

Sell Old SmartPhone

Smartphones, and the technology that they run on, are constantly changing. There’s always a new phone with a newer version of software on the market.

But what do you do when your old phone is no longer working? If your old phone is still in good condition, but it’s an older model and doesn’t work as well as you need it to, then you may want to sell it online.

The most lucrative option is selling the phone on Cashify, which offers the best prices for most phones. Here are some things to consider before Selling Your Old Phone On Cashify.

To unlock the best price for your device, you need to consider these points beforehand:

1- The old device should be switched on and not be dead.

2- The device must be in good condition together with the original accessories that came with the box.

3- Make sure the device has a valid bill.

You can still consider selling it if you don’t have the original accessory and it’s more than a year or two old, but this will result in a lower price for your smartphone.

How to sell an old phone on cashify?

Follow these steps to sell your old mobile on Cashify:

1. First of all download the Cashify app from the play store then Choose your city

2. Cashify will then automatically recognize your phone and click “Sell Now” to Sell Old Phone.

3. If you want to sell another phone, then go to the sell section and click on “Sell-Phones” then you have to select your phone company and
model name

4. Now let Cashify check the status of your phone and answer some important questions

5. Lastly, Cashify will tell you the exact value of the phone

6. Click on “Sell Now” and then select the date and time for phone pickup

7. Give your old phone to the pickup agent and get paid via cash or online payment at the time of pickup.

Is Cashify Safe?

Yes, Cashify is safe, and you can sell and buy phones easily. Cashify has also opened an offline subway shop as well as an online presence.

Surprisingly, even after wiping the data or doing a factory reset, the phone data is not completely erased. If one wants, he can extract the data with the help of computer software.

However, Cashify ensures that it never tries to retrieve customer data and completely deletes customer purchased data from the phone. So the person buying this phone also doesn’t have access to any data.

So whenever you sell your old phone at Cashify, try to make sure that your phone data is completely unrecoverable.


So here we know some things to check before selling your old smartphone. Hope you enjoyed this article. If you have any doubt related to selling phones then mention your queries in the comment section below !!


How safe is it to sell old mobile phones?

It is safe not to sell old devices such as smartphones or laptops until they are completely cleaned of important data that you don’t want to leak.

What do you need to know before selling your phone?

1- Back up your data and settings in your Google account.

2- Back up your photos and videos.

3- Back up your Texts and call log.

4- Encrypt your data.

5- Disable Factory Reset Protection.

6- Perform a factory reset.

Can I sell my dead phone on Cashify?

Cashify accepts all types of mobile phones, dead or working, and wants to recycle as many phones as possible lying around your house.

How does selling phones on Cashify work?

If there is a case that you want to sell your phone – click the Mobile section, select a brand, select an option and answer a few questions about the status of the device. Cashify then makes your offer, and if you like the price, we’ll send the money to you at home and pick up your old device.


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