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These are the top 9 smartest doorbell features

by Amcrest
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Although most video doorbells have the same basic features, you need to be aware of additional benefits and features before purchasing a camera. Here are nine of the most important benefits to keep in mind.

1. High-Quality Video Feedback

The video quality of a doorbell camera will only be as good as the audio. Some doorbell cameras do not offer 480p video feedback. This can make it difficult to identify who is at the other end. This is not ideal for children to answer the door when you are not there. You can eliminate confusion and make sure you spot visitors each time.

2. Get HD Video from Almost Anywhere

Thanks to technology, it’s now easier than ever to connect to your smart device from anywhere. Perhaps you need to ensure that no guests are unexpectedly invited while your children are at home. You might also need to keep an eye on important packages because you are busy with family activities all night. No matter for what reason, remote access is essential to you. A doorbell camera that supports mobile capability can be used for this purpose.

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3. Motion Detection Preferences

Security is important when you have family members to look after. Some doorbell cameras have motion detection, so you can receive alerts on your phone. These alerts are sent when motion is detected within the range of your security system’s doorbell. This is a great way to keep your children safe when you are away from home or at night.

4. Two-Way Audio Controls

It’s wonderful to see who is outside your front door. But what if you need to communicate with them when you aren’t there? You might not want your children to answer the door to order food delivery, but you want to let them know that it is okay to leave the food outside. You can communicate with anyone outside your door using two-way audio controls.

5. Night Vision Technology (Infrared)

No matter where you live, answering your door at night can be frightening because you might not be able to see visitors. You will need to get protection to protect your family from late-night visitors. A doorbell camera with infrared technology allows you to see in the dark. This will allow you to see who is at your door late at night and possibly catch criminal activity.

6. Real-Time Video Footage and Recorded Video Footage

It is important to be able to view your doorbell camera’s live feed in real time. However, it can also be helpful to have the ability to look through recorded footage. The ability to sort through recorded footage can be a great feature to help keep your family safe if you aren’t able to regularly check your app.

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7. Waterproof Construction

You will want to make sure your family is safe in any weather condition. This includes heavy rain, snow, and hot, humid conditions. For that your doorbell camera should withstand snow and rain. The camera’s work should go smoothly regardless of the outside conditions.

8. Automation Options

You will need a smart doorbell to communicate with your home automation system, whether you have smart devices that you can operate remotely or if you already own smart devices. With just one app, you will be able to control and view all your smart devices, from garage doors and thermostats to lights and alarm systems, with just one app.

9. it’s easy to use

Your whole family will be using your doorbell camera. To avoid unwanted guests entering your home, ensure that you have a simple and easy-to-use camera for the doorbell.

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