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The Ways to Setup the Canon IJ on Your Device

by dasyshah
The Ways to Setup the Canon IJ on Your Device

Are you wondering how to go for Canon printer setup Mac; then you are at the correct place at the right time. This post is all about how to set up your Canon IJ Printer on your Mac device.

Steps to follow to Set up Canon IJ printer on Mac device

  • To begin with the procedure first you have to visit the manufacturer’s site and once you are on the site you have to type the model number of your Canon printer in order to find your printer driver so that we can move forward to set up the Canon printer.
  • In the second step, you will have to choose the OS and the version that is active on your system. You will have to choose it manually only when it is not selected automatically.
  • After selecting the version what you will be asked to do is to click on the driver file to select it. After selecting it you will have to download it and by clicking on the download button and then install it also in your Mac system for your usage.
  • To move further to the Canon IJ setup Wi-Fi now you have to ensure that you have downloaded the correct MP driver which contains the package of Canon IJ utility.
  • Once the downloading procedure is completed you will have to navigate the file where it is saved and then double click on the.PKG file to run the file.
  • Once the installation procedure is completed you have to opt for the application option from the Go menu of the Finder and click on it.
  • Now, you have to click on the Canon utility folder that will be there on the screen in front of you, and then after selecting you to have to make use of the IJ Scan utility and also the IJ printer utility.

Now that you know how to go for a Canon IJ printer setup let us look at the steps to print on a Canon printer.

Steps to print things on Canon printer –

  • Firstly, turn on the Canon printer to initiate the process and also put enough papers in the paper tray of the correct size for use.
  • Now, you have to open the Printer Driver setup windows on your PC or laptop.
  • Look for the Quick setup and then click on it, you will find it on the commonly used settings option.
  • Let’s set the values of the additional features, Media type, and paper size values and change them from original values.
  • Also, you have to set the quality in which the material is to be printed.
  • Save the settings by clicking on the OK option and open the document which is required to be printed.
  • Finally hit the Print button to print the documents that you want to.

If you wish to get more informative knowledge about the Canon printer and its setup you are always free to visit the website called, where you can see all types of printer solutions.

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