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The specificities of urban logistics

by Priyanka
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The explosion in turnover achieved by e-retailers has a strong impact on the volume of parcels delivered daily in cities. If we add to this the fact that the speed and simplicity of delivery are essential parameters for retaining Internet users, we understand that the actors of the supply chain who focus on the last kilometers find themselves facing a new challenge. which consists in finding the balance between an excellent level of service and respect for the quality of life of the inhabitants . It is not by chance that cities are getting closer and closer to professionals in the sector to set up intelligent solutions based on Transportation Management System software. ever more efficient.

Multimodal transport

The notion of sustainable development is now inseparable from urban policies and leads managers to consider innovative solutions to reduce the environmental impact of transport and Freight Dispatching Services Company. It is with this in mind that the famous Monoprix stores that are located in Paris in areas of intense urbanization have set up a logistics chain that relies on several modes of transport. Once the goods have been receive at the central logistics platform, natural gas vehicles then ensure the final delivery. It is a perfect example of what can be done today to combine profitability, efficiency and ecology .

Urban logistics and clean vehicles

Among the main nuisances that tarnish the image of carriers with city dwellers, there are of course harmful gas emissions, but also noise pollution. This is why some companies, concerned about looking after their image, decide to opt for fleets of electric vehicles . It is highly likely that more and more logistics players will join them in the years to come.

The future will go through the urban hub

If at present attempts to limit the volume of vehicles circulating in large cities are not very successful, it seems that this will be inevitable in the future and this therefore pushes the world of logistics to wonder about the solutions of the future for last-mile logistics . And in this area, we are moving towards a logic of pooling via city-hubs . This term designates the large urban logistics platforms which serve as a gateway for the whole of an agglomeration and which make it possible to streamline the traffic linked to the transport of goods. For most observers of the sector, the evolution of urban logistics will undoubtedly pass through increased cooperation between local authorities and companies.

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