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The Complete SEO Checklist of WordPress Website For 2021

by jasminlopez
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Actually does not matter that how your website looks like and what type of content you have added to your website unless you have the audiences to see it. You can say that your website is not worthy if it does not have the right number of audiences. It has been found that through organic search a user can find your website easily if it is properly optimized.

If you have a website created with WordPress that means you can optimize your business website very easily. This is because WordPress was created by considering all SEO standards in mind. Thus the website you created with WordPress will match a particular need that needs to create an SEO strategy.

But there are few things that you need to make sure about when we talk about optimizing the WordPress website. Other than the SEO practices also you need to make sure that the WordPress theme and plugins you are using are also SEO optimized and support SEO plugins.

Considering such aspects some SEO checklist is provided below that will help you in your WordPress website optimization.

Examine the settings of WordPress

Some settings are there in WordPress that affect the SEO. While launching a website in rush there is a possibility of getting such setting forgotten or ignored. Before making your website live make sure that you have examined all these terms.

  • Settings> General
  • Settings > Permalinks
  • Settings > Reading

Ensure that the theme you are using utilizes proper markup

a very positive impact can leave your website if you have the right theme when we talk about SEO. For search engines the theme which is coded badly will make it harder for search engines to get them indexed. While searching for WordPress theme consider all these points.

Integrate SEO plugins

You will find that WordPress offers a lot of plugins. Check if your theme supports the SEO boosting plugins too. You will come across the number of plugins related to SEO but you need to make sure that you choose a plugin that goes as per your business requirements and needs. As compared to the other plugins we would recommend you to choose Yoast SEO as it has more than 5 million active installations.

Another best suitable option of all is one SEO packs which also has more than 3 million active installations. These two plugins can be considered as the most popular and preferable as compared to the other.

Also, there are some features that need to have regardless of your choice plugins such as:

  • Optimize particular posts and pages
  • Automatic optimization
  • Add opengraph data
  • XML Sitemap
  • Analytics

In content some of the best practices that need to maintain

For content writing and markup, still, the same SEO practices are applied while using WordPress check the following if your website is followed with all these best practices.

  • Right usage of heading tags

The classic WordPress editor will not make it important. Mostly the main heading of the content will be highlighted by the bolded text, rather than adding it into the correct H2 tag. In adding headings, the new Gutenberg editor might help you. Gutenberg will make this task easier and simple.

  • Usage of internal links

Within your website, if you have other related content then link it. For SEO it is recommended and also helps visitors to get deeper into your website’s content.

  • Alt Text for Images

Alt attribute text should be there if you are adding an image to your content. For Google recommends and accessibility this is an important factor and for SEO too. If your website will be having too many images and looking to make this task easier then make use of plugins and assign the text description to save time.

You are now optimized officially

For search engines, your website can be made completely optimized if you have the best combination of content strategy, plugins, and free WordPress theme. However, to achieve all your goals, you can miss and match all these amazing tools available on the web.

So, does not matter if you are maintaining an existing website, launching a new one, or anything else you must go through these all points and make sure your website is optimized properly. A huge difference can be made to get desired results with small efforts.

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